Dantea's Baby Names

Name                           Origin                          Meaning

Aurora                          Latin                               “Dawn” Aurora is the name of the Roman Goddess of the the Sunrise whose tears turned to morning dew. Aurora is also one of the names of Sleeping Beauty, which is sure make a little girl feel like a princess. It’s just about to break into the 200’s and has a cute nickname with a quirky feel, Rory. Variations Include: Arora, Ora, Ori, Orie, Rora, Rory, Zora, Zorica

Autumn                        Season                           Autumn has always been popular, but right now, it’s the most popular season name sitting at #81. Autumn evokes crisp, cool mornings and colorful leaves.

Cymbeline                   Celtic                              “Sun Lord” Now I realize I might get some flack for putting this in the girls names and not the boys, but it definitely has a feminine feel, not masculine. I usually don’t like unisex names, but this is one I think could go for a little girl. The title of a Shakespeare play based on legends featuring the early Celtic King Cunobelinus. Rhythmic and musical enough to be considered for a girl.

Shakespeare's Cymbeline

Danica                           Norse                             “Morning Star” Danica is a fresh new way to honor a Daniel in your family without having to use the out of style Danielle. It has an exotic feel but is still assessable. Variations include: Danaca, Daneca, Daneeka, Danicah, Danicka, Danika, Danikah, Danikka, Danneeka, Dannica, Dannika

Danica Patrick

Estelle                           French                           “Star” Estelle is definitely an older name, but maybe it’s time for it to make a comeback along with Stella? Personally, I like Estella better. Variations Include: Essa, Essey, Essie, Essy, Esta, Estee, Estel, Estela, Estele, Esteley, Estelina, Estelita, Estell, Estella, Estellina, Estellita, Esthella, Esti, Estrella, Estrellita, Estée, Stelle

June                               Month                            June has a soft, old-fashioned kind of feel. It’s recently started getting popular again, sitting in the 500s so it’s not too popular. Personally, I prefer Juni and Juno. Variations Include: Junae, Junel, Junella, Junelle, Junette, Juniata, Junieta, Junina, Junine, Junya, Jyune

Kalinda                         Hindi                               “Sun” Love this exotic version of Belinda and Melinda. It’s got the K which so many people are using now with a lovely sound. Variations include: Kaleenda, Kalindi, Kalynda, Kalyndi

Kalinda Sharma

Kamaria                       Swahili                            “Moonlight” Lush and unusual, Kamaria has such a gentle, flowing sound that I have to imagine any little girl would love the sound. Variations Include: Kamar, Kamara, Kamarae, Kamaree, Kamari, Kamariah, Kamarie, Kamariya, Kamarya

Luna                              Latin                                “Moon” Maybe it’s popularity was influenced by the Harry Potter character Luna Lovegood, but Luna’s popularity has been growing. Luna is the name of the Roman Goddess of the moon. Variations Include: Luneth, Lunetta, Lunneta, Lunnete

May                               Month                             Like June, May has a sweet and old fashioned sound. I’ve seen it thrown around a lot on forums here lately though, so May is beginning to get popular, mostly as a middle name. Variations Include: Mae, Maelea, Maeleah, Maelen, Maelle, Maeona, Maia, Maya, Mayberry, Maybeth, Mayday, Maydee, Maydena, Maye, Mayela, Mayella, Mayetta, Mayrene

Roxana                        Persian                            “Dawn” or “Little Star” The name of the wife of Alexander the Great, it has a more appealing sound than the more popular Roxanne. It still has the nickname Roxie but with the added bonus of Ann,Anna, and Annie.

Roxana Ortega

Soleil                            French                             “Sun” Pronounced so-LAY. It definitely has a lovely sound. This name was brought into the mainstream by child actress Soleil Moon Frye aka Punky Brewster.

Soleil Moon Frye then and now

Stella                            Latin                                 “Star” Stella has an older feel but like Ella and Isabella, Stella is definitely moving up in popularity. It’s already in the top 100. So if you want a Celestial name that’s not too out there, Stella might be for you. Variations include: Estella, Estrella, Estretla, Steile, Stela, Stelle, Stellina

Stella McCartney

Summer                      Season                             It doesn’t seem very popular, but I’ve known several. Where Autumn give you a crisp, colorful, cool feeling, Summer gives you heat and blue skies and swimming. Variations include: Somer, Sommers, Sumer, Summar, Summerann, Summerbreeze, Summerhaze, Summerine, Summerlee, Summerlin, Summerlyn, Summerlynn, Summers, Summyr, Sumrah, Sumyr

Summer at the Beach

Sunday                        Day name                       This is probably one of the most usable of the Day of the week names because it gives you a nice sunny feel and the cute nickname of Sunny.

Tarana                         Hindi                                “Born during the day” Graceful and melodious, this name manages to have an exotic feel with an assessable nickname of Tara.

Tuesday                      English                            “Tiu’s Day” Not as usable as Sunday but still with a lovely feel to it. Tuesday doesn’t get used very often, but maybe it will start considering Sunday is getting more popularity.

Tuesday Weld

Winter                         Season                             Fresher than Summer or Autumn, Winter is now getting looked at for little girls. Since Nichole Richie and Joel Madden used it for their daughter’s middle name, people have been looking to use it more. Variations include: Wintar, Wintr, Wynter


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