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{April 14, 2012}   Victims of the RMS Titanic

In Memory of the Titanic

A Century ago today, the RMS Titanic, the night of April 14th on it’s maiden voyage, crashed into an iceberg and sank, killing approximately 1,5oo . It was an enormous tragedy, and shocked the world. Recently, on nameberry.com, a woman, amandaberry, brought up the fact that there were many children on board who died very young. They didn’t get a chance to have a life and she put forth the idea of using the name of one of the children to honor the dead and give them life. I think it’s a sad and lovely idea. Besides that, though, there are lots of lovely and classic names on this list and someone may be able to find inspiration from here. In any case, we need to remember this tragedy. I’m not suggesting using a first and middle name combo exactly as it appears, but I will keep them together. I chose not to go into the specific stories connected to each of these names, as it’s too sad, and I obviously couldn’t include all 1500+ names, but I included the ones I thought were worth showing to other people. I would encourage you all to go look over the list here.

There are so many of them that I couldn’t give too much of a personal opinion on all of them so here’s the list with a basic meaning. These are in no particular order.

Children less than 18

Name                                                Origin                                     Gender           Meaning

Rossmore Edward                         ??/English                               Male                  Edward means “wealthy guardian” As for Rossmore, it’s definitely interesting. I think the nickname Ross is strong and handsome.

Eugene Joseph                               Greek/Hebrew                      Male                  Eugene means “wellborn, noble” Joseph means “Jehovah increases”

Frederick                                          German                                    Male                  “Peaceful ruler”

Helen Loraine                                 Greek/French                       Female             Helen means “bright, shining one”  Loraine means “From the province of Lorraine”

Owen George                                   Welsh/Greek                         Male                  Owen means “young warrior, well born” George means “Farmer”

Sigrid Elisabeth                              Norse/Hebrew                     Female             Sigrid means “Fair Victory” Elisabeth means “pledged to God”

Ingeborg Constanzia                   Norse/Latin                           Female             Ingeborg is pronounced EEN-geh-bor and means “God of peace and prosperity” Constanzia is a variation of Constance and means “Constant” I love this! It’s very cool and interesting but not over the top.

Elba Iris Alfrida                             Greek/English                       Female             Elba was the place of Napoleon’s exile.  Iris means “Rainbow” In Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow, a messenger for Zeus and Hera. In ancient times, the Iris was considered a symbol of power and majesty, the three petal segments representing faith, wisdom and valor. Alfrida means “Elf power”

Sigvard Harald Elias                     see meaning                          Male                  German/Scandinavian/Greek          Sigvard seems to be a variant of Sigmund which means “victorious protection” Harald is a variation of Harold which means “army ruler” Elias means “the Lord is my God”

Ellis Anna Maria                            see meaning                           Female             Welsh/Greek/Latin                                Ellis is typically a male name means “benevolent” Anna means “Grace” Maria means “bitter”

Edgar Samuel                                  German/Hebrew                 Male                  Edgar means “prosperous spearman” Samuel means “told by God”

Josefine                                             Hebrew                                   Female             “Jehovah Increases”

Carl Edgar                                         German                                   Male                  Carl means “free man” and Edgar means “prosperous spearman”

Filip Oscar                                        Swedish/English                 Male                  Filip means “lover of horses” and Oscar means “champion warrior”

Clarence Gustaf Hugo                  Latin/Scandinavian/Latin   Male            Clarence means “Light”. Gustaf means “staff of the gods” Hugo means “heart, mind, spirit”

Malake                                               Arabic                                      Female           Malake is pronounced MAE-lahk and means “angel” possibly.

Percy Andrew                                French/Greek                       Male                Percy means “Pierce valley” and Andrew means “strong and manly”

Saiide                                                 ??                                                Female

Arthur                                               Celtic                                         Male                  “Bear”

William Thomas                            English/Aramaic                  Male                  William means “Resolute protector” and Thomas means “twin”

Ernst Herbert                                 German                                    Male                 Ernst means “Serious, resolute” and Herbert means ” famous army”

Nourelain                                         ??                                                Female

Akar                                                    Turkish                                    Male                 “Flowing stream”

Mary Delia                                        Hebrew/Greek                     Female            Mary means “bitter” and Delia means “Born on the island of Delos”

Jego Grga                                          ??/Croatian                            Male               Grga is apparently Croatian and a short form of Grgur that means “watcher” It’s apparently suppose to be pronounced greh-gur

Petar                                                   Greek                                        Male               This is a variant of the name Peter which means “Rock”‘

Jovo                                                    Latin                                         Male               This seems to be a short form of the name Jovan which mean “the supreme god”

Maria Elias                                        Latin/Greek                          Female         Maria means “Bitter” and Elias means “the Lord is my God”

Jose Pedro                                        Spanish                                   Male               Jose means “Jehovah Increases” and Pedro means “rock”

Jeso                                                     Basotho                                   Male               “God is my salvation”

Alfons                                                 French                                     Male                 “noble, ready for battle”

Maurice Emile Victor                  Latin                                         Male                  Maurice means “Dark skinned” Emile means “Rival” Victor means “conqueror”

Mirko                                                  Slavic                                       Male                  “Peaceful glory”

Italo Francesco                              Italian                                      Male                   Italo means “From Italy” and Francesco means “free man”

Gustaf Hjalmar                                Scandinavian/Norse         Male                   Gustaf means “staff of the gods” and Hjalmar means “army helmet”

Hans Linus                                        German/Greek                     Male                    Hans means “God is Gracious” and Linus means “Flax”

Albert George                                  English/Greek                      Male                    Albert means “noble, bright” and George means ‘Farmer”

Arne Joma                                        Dutch/??                                 Male                    Arne means “Strong as an eagle”

Harry                                                  German                                    Male                   “Estate ruler”

Eberhard Thelander                     German/Swedish                 Male                   Eberhard means “Brave boar” and Thelander has an unsure meaning but I really like it!

Edward Watson                              English                                     Male                   Edward means “Wealthy guardian” and Watson means “powerful warrior”

William Neal Thomas                   English/Irish/Aramaic    Male             William means “Resolute protector” Neal means “Cloud” and Thomas means “twin”

Robina Maggie                                English/Diminutive           Female              Robina means “Bright fame” and Maggie is a short form of Margaret which means “Pearl”

Lillian Amy                                      English/Latin                        Female              Lillian means “Lily” and Amy means “beloved”

Charles Edward                              French/English                    Male                   Charles means “free man” and Edward means “wealthy guardian”

Jessie Allis                                       Hebrew/German                  Female               Jessie is a diminutive of Jessica which means “wealthy” and Allis means “noble”

Harold Victor                                 Scandinavian/Latin            Male                     Harold means “army ruler” and Victor means “conqueror”

Sidney Leslie                                   French/Scottish                   Male                      Sidney means “Saint Denis” and Leslie means “Garden by the pool”

Catherine                                          Greek                                         Female                 “Pure”

Clifford Henry                                 English/German                   Male                      Clifford means “Lives near the ford by the cliff” and Henry means “Estate ruler”

Houssein Mohamed                      Arabic                                      Male                      Houssein means “small handsome one” and Mohamed is a variation of Muhammed which means “praiseworthy”

Hanora                                               Latin                                          Female                 This seems to be a variation of Annora or Honora which means “Woman of Honor”

Marta                                                  Eastern European                Female                 Marta means “lady”

Leonard James                               German/Hebrew                  Male                      Leonard means “brave lion” and James means “Supplanter”

Hileni                                                  Hebrew                                     Female                 I didn’t find a meaning but my searching says this name is Hebrew.

Svend Lauritz                                  Norse/Latin                            Male                      Svend means “youth” and Lauritz is a variation of Lawrence which means “from Laurentium”

Catherine Nellie                             Greek/English                        Female                 Catherine means “pure” and Nellie is an elongation of Nell or a shortening of Eleanor, Penelope, or various other names.

Nikolai Erland                                 Russian/Norse                      Male                     Nikolai means “people of victory” and Erland means “stranger”

Fared                                                  Arabic                                       Male                     “Exceptional”

Klas Albin                                         ?/Latin                                      Male                     Klas seems to be a variant of Klaus which means “People of victory” and Albin means “man from Alba”

Gertrud Emilia                                German/Latin                       Female                Gertrud means “strength of a spear” and Emilia means “rival”

Henry                                                 German                                    Male                     “Estate ruler”

Ida                                                       German                                    Female                “Industrious one”

Jeannie                                              French                                      Female                 Jeannie is a pet form of Jean which means “God is Gracious”

Mathilde                                            French                                      Female                 “battle mighty”

Daniel Warner                                 Hebrew/English                   Male                      Daniel means “God is my judge” and Warner means “army”

Lawrence                                          Latin                                          Male                      Lawrence means “from Laurentium”

Pehr Fabian Oliver Malkolm     Greek/Latin/Scottish        Male                      Pehr is a Swedish form of Peter, which means “stone” Fabian means “bean grower” Oliver means “olive tree” and Malkolm means “devotee of Saint Columba”

Toufik                                                 Hebrew                                     Male                       This seems to be a variation of the Hebrew name Tovik meaning “good, success etc”

Patrick Denis                                   Latin/French                         Male                        Patrick means “noble, partrician” and Denis means “Follower of Dionysus”

Olaf Elon                                            Norse/Hebrew                      Male                         Olaf means “Ancestor’s relics” and Elon means “oak tree”

Reginald Ivan                                  English/Russian                   Male                         Reginald means “counsel power” and Ivan means “God is gracious”

Paul Folke                                         Latin/Scandinavian            Male                         Paul means “Small” and Folke means “people’s guardian”

Stina Viola                                        Greek/Latin                            Female                    Stina means “anointed” and Viola means “Violet”

Jaako Arnold                                   Finnish/English                    Male                         Jaako means “supplanter” and Arnold means “strong as an eagle”

Ernesti Arvid                                   ??/Norwegian                        Male                        Arvid means “eagle tree”

Urho Abraham                                Finnish/Hebrew                  Male                        Urho means “brave” and Abraham means “father of multitudes”

Francis                                                Latin                                         Male                        “free man”

Sebastiano                                         Latin                                        Male                        “person from ancient city of Sebasta”

Ellen Natalia                                     English/Russian                 Female                    Ellen means “bright, shining one” and Natalia means “born of Christmas day”

Ernest                                                  English                                   Male                          “serious, resolute”

George Hugh                                     Greek/English                    Male                          George means “Farmer” and Hugh means “mind, intellect”

Viktor Richard                                 Latin/German                    Male                          Viktor means “conqueror” and Richard means “dominant ruler”

Douglas                                               Scottish                                 Male                          “Black water”

Dorothy                                              English                                  Female                      “Gift of god”

Anthony William                            Latin/English                     Male                            Anthony means “Priceless one” and William means “resolute protection”

Elizabeth Ada                                   Hebrew/German              Female                      Elizabeth means “pledged to God” and Ada means “noble”

Constance Gladys                           Latin/Welsh                       Female                      Constance means “steadfast” and Gladys means “lame”

Karl Thorsten                                   German/Scandinavian  Male                Karl means “free man” and Thorsten means “Thor’s stone”

Mabel                                                   Latin                                     Female                       “Lovable”

Margit Elizabeth                              German/Hebrew            Female                       Margit means “Pearl” and Elizabeth means “Pledged to God”

Telma Matilda                                  Portuguese/German     Female               Telma means “Will” and Matilda means “battle ready”

Montague Donald                           French/Scottish             Male                            Montague means “Pointy hill” and Donald means “proud chief”

Walter John                                      German/Hebrew           Male                            Walter means “army ruler” and John means “God is Gracious”

Catharina                                           Greek                                 Female                       “Pure”

Augusta Maria                                 Latin                                  Female                       Augusta means “the exalted one” and Maria means “bitter”

Leo Edmondus                                Latin/?                             Male                             Leo means “Lion”

Hulda Amanda Adolfina          Hebrew/Latin/German?    Female                      Hulda means “sweet, lovable” Amanda means “much loved” and Adolfina probably means “Wolf” as that’s what Adolph means.

Jakob Alfred                                    Hebrew/English   Male                             Jacob means “supplanter” and Alfred means “wise counselor”

Adults (not all, obviously, but the most “interesting”)

Name                                                Origin                     Gender                      Meaning

Mauritz                                              Latin                          Male                             “Dark-skinned”

Snowden                                           Old English             Male                              “Snowy-peak”

Augustus                                          Latin                          Male                              “The exalted one”

Battista                                              French                      Male                              Seems to be a form of Batiste which means “to dip”

Bessie Waldo                                   German                     Female                         Bessie is a diminutive of Elizabeth and Waldo means “to rule”

Anders                                              Scandinavian          Male                               “strong and manly”

Konstantia                                       Latin                           Female                         “steadfast”

Axel                                                    German                     Male                              “Father of peace” this seemed like a very modern choice for someone’s middle name! Very cool.

Aloysius                                            Latin                          Male                              “Famous warrior”

Cerin                                                   Gaelic                        Male                             “Little Dark One”

Catherine David                             Greek/Hebrew      Female                         Catherine means “Pure” and David means “beloved”

Vale                                                     Place Name            Male                              “Valley”

Giovanni                                           Italian                       Male                              “God is Gracious”

Quigg                                                  ??                                 Male                             I have no idea about the origin or meaning other than that it might be a short form of Quiggly maybe? I think it’s sort of neat.

Ferguson                                          Scottish                     Male                             “Son of Fergus”

Narciso                                             Greek                         Male                             “Sleep”

Eustace Horatius                          Greek/Latin             Male                             Eustace means “fruitful” and Horatius means “timekeeper”

Alexis                                                 English                      Male                             “Man’s Defender” I thought it was really cool to see this name on a boy.

Giuseppe                                           Italian                        Male                            “Jehovah Increases”

Hendrik                                             Dutch                         Male                            “Estate ruler”

Sultana                                              Arabic                        Female                      “Empress”

Solomon                                           Hebrew                      Male                           “Peace”

Joaquim                                           Hebrew                      Male                            “God will judge”

Athol                                                  Gaelic                        Male                             “New Ireland”

Ewart                                                 Old English              Male                              “Wealthy guard”

Marija                                                Dutch                        Female                         “Bitter”

August                                               German                    Male                               “Majestic, venerable”

Ernest Courtenay                         English/French     Male                                Ernest means “resolute” and Courtenay means “short nose”

Adrien Finnin                                 Latin/Irish             Male                                Adrien means “man from Adria” and Finnin means “Fair”

Crispin                                               Latin                         Male                                “Curly hair”

Apostolos                                         Greek                       Male                                “apostle”

Dimitrios                                           Greek                        Male                               “Follower of Demeter”

Valentine                                          Latin                          Male                               “Healthy, strong”

Quincy                                                Latin                          Male                              “estate of the fifth son”

Captain                                               word                          Male

Ulrika                                                  German                    Female                          “wealthy, powerful ruler”

Raleigh                                               English                      Male                              “Meadow of roe deer”

Percival                                              French                     Male                               ‘One who pierces the valley”

James Vivian                                   Hebrew/Latin       Male                               James means “supplanter” and Vivian means “Life” I would never have thought of Vivian as a boys name!

Dollina                                                 Greek                        Female                         I’m unsure about the meaning, but I love this name! Dolly is so cute!

Shadrach                                            Babylonian             Male                             “command of Aku”

Eliezer                                                Hebrew                     Male                             “God helps”

Gideon                                               Hebrew                      Male                            “having a stump for a hand”

Aloisia                                                German                       Female                       “famous fighter”

Ambrose                                           Latin                            Male                             “Immortal one”

Fox                                                       Animal

Ellen Truelove                               English                        Female                        “bright shining one” and Truelove is very interesting!

Law                                                     Word

Denzil                                                  Cornish                       Male                             “From the high stronghold”

Cordelia                                            Celtic                            Female                        “Daughter of the sea” Maybe it’s awful to say it, but this is ironic…

John Starr                                        Hebrew/word          Male                             ‘God is Gracious” and Starr, this spelling, is my middle name!

Arcangelo                                        Italian                         Male                              “Arc Angel”

Thor                                                    Norse                          Male                             “thunder” Thor is the powerful name of the Norse god of thunder, strength, and rain would make a bold statement.


{April 8, 2012}   Easter Names

Today is Easter and I hope you all have a good time hunting eggs with the little ones! Today is also Passover or a celebration of the regrowth and fertility of Spring (the original purpose of this holiday). Here’s my take on names associated with Easter, Christian, Jewish, Pagan, and everything else I can think of. Thank you to everyone at nameberry.com who helped me gather these names together.

These are not in alphabetic order this time around.

Name                  Origin                    Gender                 Meaning

Sunday                 Word                       Male/Female        Sunday became much more usable after Nicole Kidman used it for her daughter. Obviously, Easter happens on Sunday, which is how this name is associated with the holiday. Sunny is an adorable nickname.Really, Sunday in any laguage could work: Domingo (Spanish), Zondag (Dutch), Sunnuntai (Finnish), Domenica (Italian), Dimanche (French), Nedjelja (Croatian), Sonntag (German), Nedele (Czech), Niedziela (Polish), Kyriaki (Greek).

Easter                   Word                        Female                    I suppose using the word Easter itself could work, though I think this is a bit much. It would work better in the middle.

Pascal                   French                     Male                        “Easter” Pascal has a very appealing sound to it, and I like it. I do like the French look of this, but I think I prefer the Spanish version Pasqual better.

Ash                        English                    Male                         “Ash tree” Ash Wednesday is the feast that marks the start of Lent. I love Ash. It’s very strong and manly on it’s own, but could also be used as a nickname for Asher or Ashton or even Ashley for a girl. And while we’re talking about Ash Wednesday, Wednesday would be a fine name too.

Palma                   Latin                         Female                   Palm Sunday is celebrated the week before Easter, commemorating the entry of Christ into Jerusalem where He was greeted by crowds waving palm branches. I think Palma is nice, but not my style.

Mary                     Hebrew                   Female                   “Bitter” I’m talking about Mary Magdalene here. She was the last witness to the crucifixion and the first person to see Jesus after the resurrection. I really like the thought of using her last name, Magdalene, or Magdalena.

Arley                    English                    Male                        “From the Rabbit meadow” I sort of like Arley, except that it sounds like you’re mispronouncing Harley. Obviously this one has everything to do with the Easter Bunny.

Leveret                French                    Male                        “Young Rabbit” I really like this French name. The Rabbit is one of the symbols of fertility for the Easter holiday, or the thing that brings eggs, and this is definitely nicer than Arley in my opinion.

Cruz                      Spanish                   Male                        “Cross” In the Latino community, this one was popular before Victoria and David Beckham used it. I’ve been seeing it around more and more, so I’m sure it’s gaining in popularity. The cross is the symbol of Jesus and that’s how this relates.

Pesah                   Hebrew                   Female                   “Spared” This is the Hebrew name for Passover, which would sort of be like naming your kid Easter too. Pesah has an interesting sound, but makes me think of pessimist. I think it would be nice on someone of Jewish or Hebrew background.

Bluma                   Yiddish                  Female                   “Flower” This is a pretty name that sounds like it should mean Bloom but means flower. Obviously flowers have to do with Springtime.

Chani                    Hebrew                  Female                   This is a name derived from Channah. She was the mother of the prophet Samuel in the Bible.

Anastasia            Greek                      Female                   “Resurrection” Related to the Greek work Anastasis which means “upstanding or rising up”, this is a name that brings to mind the Christian resurrection of Jesus, which is what Easter is all about for the Christians. I think it’s a beautiful name that deserves a ton more love than it gets. Anne, Anna, Annie, Tia, Sia, Stacy, those are all nicknames.

Chava                   Hebrew                  Female                   “Life” Anything meaning Life could work well as Spring time is all about the rejuvenation of life. I love the way this name sounds, but the hard CH sound that the Hebrew language needs for this name would be a problem for English speakers. Hava would be much easier.

Zoe                        Greek                      Female                   “Life” This name is pretty popular, but I still love it. It feels so bubbly and happy to say. There are different ways to spell it too: Zooey, Zoey, Zoee, and the little girl in my daycare is Zoe with umlauts over the E.

Lilies are lovely flowers that have a Christian/Easter connection.

Lily                       Flower                    Female                   Lily is a very popular baby name. It’s sweet and fun, but so overdone. Personally, I like other Lily names with Lily as a nickname: Lilianna and Lilia are my favorites.

Shoshana           Hebrew                   Female                   “Lily” This name is very cute and Shana gives it a balanced nickname. Since the name means Lily, it could have that same connection to Easter as the Lily flower. Susanna is a more “english” form of the name and I prefer Suzanne and Suzette.

Crina                    Romanian             Female                    “Lily” I actually really like this. It has a sort of soft sound, very feminine and sweet.

Obviously Easter happens in the Spring, and springtime is the time for regrowth and birth.

Eastre                  Greek                      Female                    Pronounced AY-strah, this is an ancient word for Spring that clearly relates to the word Easter. I think it has a very pretty sound.

Aviva                   Hebrew                  Female                   “Spring”  Aviva is a very pretty Hebrew name that simply means Spring. I love the sound of it and the nickname Vivi.

April                    Month                     Female                   April is the month that Easter happens in. I get called April a lot (even though it’s not my name) and so I can attest that people really seem to like the name. They always tell me April is a lovely name until I tell them I’m not April. I prefer the French Avril.

Cerelia                Latin                        Female                   “Relating to Springtime” This is another Spring inspired choice and it certainly is lovely. It has the same kind of feel as Cecelia but more exotic.Ceres, Ria, Lia are nice nicknames.

Haruki                 Japanese               Male                        “Spring Child” This is a very nice name for anyone with Japanese heritage. It might sound weird on someone who isn’t Asian though. Ru is a cool nickname. Haru is an adorable nickname.

Jarek                   Slavic                      Male                        “Spring” I really like this name, but pronounced Ja-rek instead of the traditional Yah-rek. I think it sounds very masculine and handsome.

Rabiah                Arabic                    Female                   “Spring” This is a lovely, flowing name. It definitely sounds exotic and I can’t really picture it on a Caucasian child, but prove me wrong. It’s very pretty and I’d love to see it used.

Neo                      Latin                       Male                        “New” New growth, new birth, new season, new whatever. Names that mean new might work fine for an Easter baby. Neo is a great name and I love the sound, but it still might be associated with The Matrix.

Names the mean Green would be a good choice for an Easter baby, as Springtime is full of Green Growth.

Zelenka              Czech                      Female                   “green, new, fresh, innocent” zeh-LAIN-kah. This is a great name! It sounds exotic but approachable and very pretty too. The biggest issue I can see is the pronunciation. I would have said it zeh-LENK-ah.

Beryl                    Jewel                      Female                  “sea green jewel” Beryl is very old fashioned, but the nickname Berry just spices it up so much! I think it could definitely make a comeback. Berilo is a cool boys version too.

Chloe                   Greek                      Female                  “young green shoot” I love Chloe. It’s a Greek poetic name, which gives it a lot of marks with me, and has a lovely, springy sound. The name just feels like it’s bubbling with energy.

Emerald              Jewel                      Female                  This is the ultimate Green Gem, but it’s a little much for me. I think it would be very pretty and cool in the middle name spot but in the first place it makes me think of strippers.

Esmeralda         Spanish                  Female                    “Emerald” Esmeralda is a lovely name. Personally, I dislike Esmeralda as the actually book The Hunchback of Notre Dame is pretty depressing, but I do love the sound, and the nickname Esme, Essy, and Mera are very pretty.

Jade                     Jewel                       Female                  Another green gemstone, this one doesn’t feel as stripperish as Emerald does, so I think it could work great in the first spot. I know a lovely little girl with the middle name Jade.

Midori                 Japanese               Female                  “Green” I know a little girl named Midori too. It has a fun and playful sound and the nickname Middy or Minnie or Dori are all very cute, but since my husband is a state certified bartender, all I think of is the Green Liqueur.

Sunrise and dawn are the time when Churches have their special service I think because that’s when Jesus rose, but also the sun rising is symbolic of a new day, a new time for rebirth, to rise up.

Alba                     Latin                       Female                   “sunrise” Alba is lovely and soft. I don’t have a lot to say about it other than that it is lovely and would make a wonderful choice.

Altan                   Turkish                  Male                        “Dawn” This has a slightly exotic sound, but I can’t see any way to really mispronounce it. Maybe this could be a variant to Alvin?

Zoran                  Serbian                  Male                        “Light of dawn” This name has a very cool sound! I love it. It has the popular -an ending like the other Aiden, Brayden, whatever names out there, but I can’t see it getting lost in the crowd too much with the stylish Z.

Roxana               Persian                  Female                   “Dawn” Roxana was the wife of Alexander the Great, which makes this name seem very cool to me. I love the sound and Roxy is such a spunky nickname.

Zaria                    Slavic                     Female                   “Morning star” In their mythology, Zaria was the goddess of the morning. This name certainly has a cool, edgy sound. I would love to meet a little girl named Zaria.

Now, I’ll be getting in the mythological things. The gods and goddesses typically worshiped at this time of year and any other god or goddess or whatnot that seems to fit with the Spring, Growth, Green, Morning, Dawn, Fertility and all those things theme. These choices will be more daring for sure.


Eostre/Eostra   Greek                     Female                  She was the dawn Goddess of Fertility and the one the season started out being about. Her name is pronounced eh-OH-strah. I think it’s very pretty but also probably better left to the middle or the adventurous parents. Other variations on her name are Ostare (0h-star-ray), Ostara, and Ausos (ow-sos).

Aurora                Latin                      Female                   “Dawn” In Roman mythology, Aurora was the name of the Goddess of the morning. It’s a beautiful name and Rory could be a very spunky nickname. The only problem I have is that some people can’t say it right.

Rhea                     Greek                     Female                  In Greek mythology, Rhea was the Titan of fertility  and motherhood. She is the sister and consort of Cronus, and mother of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter and Hestia. Even though her name is ancient, Rhea definitely sounds like it could fit in the modern time.

Alectrona           Greek                     Female                  This is a little known Greek goddess of the morning and waking up. I see Electra getting thrown around as a daring choice and this certainly has the same feel as Electra. Electra and Allie would be cute nicknames. The problem is that it sounds sort of like Electronic.

Chloris                 Greek                     Female                  Chloris was the goddess of flowers. I think her name is lovely, and associated with the Easter holiday and springtime as this is the time for Flowers to start growing.

Thallo                   Greek                     Female                  Thallo is the goddess of spring buds and shoots. I think her name is nice enough, but better left for a middle spot.

Demeter              Greek                     Female                  Demeter was the Goddess of the Harvest and presided over the fertility of the earth. She gets to spend time with her daughter Persephone during the Springtime, which is what allows the growth of Spring. Demtri or Demetrios would be good for a boy. Demteria is a very pretty variation for a girl.

Persephone       Greek                     Female                  per-SEPH-oh-nee. I love Persephone! She is considered the wife of Hades and also a Goddess of Spring growth. Her presence on the earth during the spring months is what makes Demeter allows the growth.There’s also the Roman version of Persephone, Proserpina.

Hathor                 Egyptian              Female                  Egyptian goddess of love, beauty, music, motherhood, and joy, I think her name has a somewhat harsh sound.

Ishtar                   Babylonian         Female                  Goddess of Love, war, and fertility. This is another one I think has a harsh sound to it, but I still like it.

Cybele                  Phrygian             Female                  The Phrygian fertility goddess, had a consort, Attis, who was believed to have been born via a virgin birth. Attis was believed to have died and been resurrected 3 days later each year during this period. (these myths came about centuries before Jesus would have been born) Cybele and Attis are both lovely names.

Asherah               Semitic                Female                  Asherah was the Semitic mother goddess and another way to get the nickname Ash. I think it has a lovely sound.

Sonne/Sunna     Scandinavian    Female                 One of the origins for the day name Sunday, says it comes from the Scandinavian sun Goddess Sunna/Sonne. I think it’s very cute.

Sol                          Latin                     Male                      Another origin for the day Sunday says that it’s derived from the Roman God of the Sun, Sol (pronounced soul). Solana or Soleil (so-lay) would be very pretty for a girl.

Ceres                     Latin                     Female                 The goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships. The Romans saw her as the counterpart of the Greek goddess Demeter. It’s where the world cereal came from.

Aditi                      Hindu                   Female                 Aditi is the Hindu goddess of the sky and fertility. I think it has a cool sound, but would probably work much better on someone with a Hindu/Indian background.

Anahita                Persian                Female                 This is the Persian goddess of water and fertility. I think this sound is very nice, and it rolls of the tongue quickly. Ana grounds the name too, as a good nickname.

Idun                      Norse                   Female                 Idun is the Norse goddess of Spring and Immortality. I’ve also seen her name written as Iduna, but I don’t know if that’s a valid way to write it or not. Either way, I prefer Iduna. It has a hard sort of sound, but is still very pretty.

Vesna                   Slavic                   Female                 This is the name of the Slavic Goddess of the springtime. It has a neat sound, what with the VES right there in the front.

et cetera