Dantea's Baby Names

{May 5, 2012}   Kansas City Names — Girls

Names                     Origin                         Meaning

Abilene                     English                         “Grass” Abilene is a rarely used place name, mentioned as such in the New Testament, that combines the cowboy spunk of the Texas city with the Midwestern morality of the Kansas town where Dwight D. Eisenhower spent his boyhood. It’s a much less frequently heard way to get to Abby.

Alma                          Latin                             “nurturing, soul” Alma has a sort of somber sound to it, but still pretty. It’s mostly heard in the term alma mater now. It’s fairly popular in Hispanic families and could just be ready to make a comeback along with other similar names Ella, Ada, Ava…

Arcadia                     Greek                           “region offering peace and contentment” Arcadia, a name for an unspoiled paradise, makes an attractive alternative to the modern Nevaeh. I love the sound and history of Arcadia. It has a nice nickname of Cady which is so close to Catey that people won’t even blink. It can also have Ari, Aria, or Dia.

Augusta                    Latin                             “exalted one” It has an old fashioned kind of feel to it, but with August coming into style for the boys, I can definitely see this coming into style too. It’s got the August part in there and I prefer Auggie as a nickname for a girl for sure.

Aurora                      Latin                             “Dawn” Aurora, the poetic name of the Roman goddess of sunrise whose tears turned into the morning dew, and of Sleeping Beauty, would be sure to make any little girl feel like a princess. Aurora has consistently been on the popularity list since the 19th century, but is now at its highest point ever– and looks to climb even further.

Beverly                     English                         “Dweller near the beaver stream” It’s a pretty enough name, but I think of the seventies when I hear Beverly or any of it’s nicknames.

Catharine                 Greek                            “pure” It’s powerful, feminine, royal, saintly, classic, popular, adaptable. Catherine has spellings, short forms, and admirable namesakes abound. The Katherine spelling has been the preferred one in recent years, though Catherine has a gentle vintage appeal. The Katherine spelling relates to Hepburn.

Delia                           Greek                            “Born on the island of Delos” I think this name is lovely. It sounds sort of close to Delilah but could also be a short form of Adelia or Cordelia. I think it works fine on it’s own too! Delly or Lia are cute nicknames.

Eudora                      Greek                            “Generous gift” Eudora as a nice sound to it, with the cute nickname Dora or maybe Euni (you-nee). It also has a little recent attention because in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, “Princess” Tiana’s mother was named Eudora.

Florence                   Latin                             “Flourishing, prosperous” This is another one I’ve seen thrown around a lot. I actually like Florence despite its older feel. Maybe it’s Florence and the Machine that’s given it such a boost here recently, I don’t know, but with the cute nickname Flora or Ren, I like it.

Galena                       Greek                            “Calm” Galena has a pretty sound and is a shiny silver gemstone. Galena is sometimes used in past life regression therapy as a guide to inner vision. It assists in facing and overcoming one’s deepest fears. Galena is a transformation stone. It is effective when embarking on a personal spiritual journey.

Hope                          Virtue                           I think Hope is one of those names that seems destined to always be a middle name, but I’d like to meet a Hope for a change. It’s a lovely name.

Lenexa                      Native American     This name has a really cool sound! It offers the cute nicknames Lenny, Nexi, Lexi, or Nexa.

Lenora                      English                          This used to be a modern form of Leonora but now it’s sounds just as old. I think Lenny and Nora are cute though.

Lorraine                   French                          “From the province of Lorraine” Loraine is a very old name, and it might just be ready to come back around. I like it. Lori is a nice solid nickname, but Raine is spunky.

Mayetta                    English                          This seems to be a variant of May in English, but I also found places that listed it as Egyptian to mean “beloved of Amun” I like the sound of it a lot better than just the regular May and it gives you the nickname Etta or Ettie.

Ramona                    Spanish                         “Wise protector” Ramona isn’t popular, trendy, or too out there, but personally, I think it sounds old. Mona is sort of cute though.

Rosalia                      Spanish                         This name refers back to the ancient Roman ceremony of hanging garlands of roses from tombs. I like the way Rosalia sounds and I love Rose, Rosa, Rosie, and Lia as nicknames.

Sylvia                        Latin                               “From the forest” I love Sylvia. It’s musical and reminds me of the forest. I think it has a beautiful sound and I love Sylvie as a nickname.

Victoria                    Latin                               “Victory” Victoria, the epitome of gentility and refinement, reflects the image of the long-reigning British queen. I think it sounds lovely and high-end, but Vicky and Tori make the name much more approachable.

Winona                     Sioux                              “First born daughter” I like the way Winona sounds, but the first people anyones likely to think of is Winona Ryder and Wynnona Judd. I do love Winny and Nona as nicknames!

Zenda                        Persian                           “Sacred” I really like the cool, spunky sound of this one, and the Z will make this fit in with the current trends. Zen is a cool nickname.


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