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{April 28, 2012}   Kansas County Names


Name                       Origin                          Meaning

Allen                          Celtic                              “Handsome” It is a handsome name, but it seems a little more suited for a dad or grandpa to me. However, there are several children I work with who have Allen as their middle names, so it might be geared for a comeback.

Anderson                 Scandinavian             “Son of Anders” For reasons unknown to me, Anderson has been getting more and more popular. Maybe it’s because the the news anchor Anderson Cooper? In any case, Anderson has a bunch of literary namesake including the famous Hans Christian Anderson. It has a nice sound and the nickname Anders, which is kind of cute.

Chase                         French                           “To hunt” Chase has a nice sound to it, and a good modern feel. It’s been seen on several TV shows here lately, including 24. It’s also megapopular in some areas of Canada and there are a disproportionate number of football players name Chase.

Clark                          English                           “scribe, secretary, cleric, scholar, clerk” Clark immediately makes me think of Clark Gable or Gone With the Wind Fame, and Clark Kent, Superman’s alias. It’s only in the 600s and that’s great! You could bring it back.

Douglas                    Scottish                          “Black water” The surname of a powerful Scottish Clan. This name seems very dated, as the only ones I know are over 40, but maybe it’ll start making a comeback. It’s sitting in the 400s now, so there does seem to be a chance.

Ellis                            Welsh                              “Benevolent” This is the Welsh form of Elijah and the Greek Elias and is fairly popular in Wales. A good note on Ellis; Ellis Bell was the male pseudonym of Emily Bronte. I like it. It has a masculine sound.

Franklin                   English                            “Free landowner” Frank is okay, Franklin reminds me of a green turtle from children’s cartoons and Franklin Roosevelt. The latter isn’t that bad of a name sake in my opinion.

Graham                    Scottish                          “Gravelly homestead” Graham is very smooth and sophisticated. It’s been popular in the UK and Scotland for a long while now, but it’s only now starting to really climb the charts here. I love it! I will let you know though, recently I saw a post on a baby name site about the pronunciation. Seems some people pronounce it Gram (with a short a sound) and some say Gray-um. I prefer the first. The Scottish spelling, Graeme, seems like it should be pronounced gray-um though.

Grant                         Scottish                          “Large” I’ve only known one Grant, and he was a little know-it-all. I find Grant to be no nonsense and strong and also with a little bit of a cowboy feel.

Gray                           Color                               Gray is my favorite color name. It’s very cool and quirky and I love it in the front or the middle. I prefer it spelled Grey though, and I also like it as a nickname for Greyson/Grayson.

Lane                           English                            “A small path” I really like Lane for a boy. It’s a recent thing, but its definitely getting attention. It makes me think of narrow country roads.

Logan                        Scottish                           “Small Hollow” Logan is a Scottish surname that originated from a place of the same name in Ayrshire. It’s got a nice sound to it, but is pretty popular at #17 on the list right now. Wolverine, known as Logan, from the X-men comics and movies, gave the name a big boost too.

Marshall                   French                             “one who looks after horses” Marshall is actually a nice name. I like the nickname Marsh. It’s the real name of rapper Eminem and then there’s Marshall from “How I Met Your Mother.” It’s in the 300s so people like it, but it’s not too popular.

Mitchell                    English                             “Who is like God?” Mitchell has gone up and down in popularity. Sometimes people like it, sometimes they don’t. Personally, I’d like to meet a little Mitchell instead of another Michael. Mitch is nice too.

Morris                       English                             “Dark-skinned” I’ve never heard this one in life, but I think it could work wonderfully. It fits nicely in with all those other surname names going around lately.

Riley                          Irish                                   “Courageous” Riley, a friendly, popular surname choice, is rising faster now for girls than boys. That makes me so sad too, because I love Riley on a boy. It makes me think of a mischievous little boy with a dimpled smile.

Russell                      French                              “fox colored” Russell has some of that western sounding charm, which is nice. Russ is a good nickname, but the name is dropping in popularity as far as I’m aware.

Scott                          English                              “from Scotland” Scott is one of those short and strong names that I don’t see why it’s not more popular. I like it well enough and even work with a little boy whose middle name is Scott. Like Logan, Scott is another name from the X-Men franchise that deserves a good boost.

Sherman                  English                              “Shearer of woolen cloth” Sherman makes me think of Sherman’s March, which isn’t a good thought, but most people probably won’t. I think Sherman’s still a little dated too, but closer to coming back than Seymour.

Thomas                    Aramaic                           “Twin” Thomas is still one of the most popular and well loved classic boys names, and a fairly common surname too. It’s the name of several saints and apostles. There’s Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Edison. Thomas came about because there were too many apostles named Judas so Jesus renamed one Thomas to distinguish him from Judas Iscariot.

Wallace                    English/French             “A Welshman/Celt” It’s so far away from being popular that it could conceivably make a comeback. Wally is adorable.

Wilson                      English                              “Son of Will” Again, a presidential name and a nice way to get to Will. I don’t think it will get past William, but it certainly could gain in popularity with William.


Name                      Origin                              Meaning

Cheyenne                Sioux                                 “People of a different language” This County was named for the Cheyenne Nation of Native Americans. The name of a courageous tribe, Cheyenne was fairly popular in the 90s. Shy is a cute nickname for this one.

Harper                      English                             “Harp player” It was “To Kill a Mockingbird” author Harper (born Nelle Harper) Lee who brought this family name into the public consciousness as a female first name with offbeat, boyish southern charm, and it’s also a name with a musical bent. I really like it (but not as much as Piper).

Kiowa                        Native American         This county was named the for Kiowa Nation of Native Americans. This could make a very pretty girls name. It sounds a little like Kiona, which is a legitimate name, and that might help you if you choose it. Kia (though it’s a car) is an very cute nickname.

Lane                          English                              “A small path” I really like Lane for a boy. It’s a recent thing, but its definitely getting attention. It makes me think of narrow country roads. For a girl, I would prefer Lanay or Lanie.


Riley                         Irish                                   “Courageous” Riley, a friendly, popular surname choice, is rising faster now for girls than boys. That makes me so sad too, because I love Riley on a boy. It makes me think of a mischievous little boy with a dimpled smile. For a girl, I get more of a tomboy kind of image, the athletic girl.


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