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{April 17, 2012}   Iowa County Names


Name                       Origin                        Meaning

Adair                         Scottish                       “Oak tree ford” I really like Adair. It has flare and spunk, but it’s not unrecognizable. I love the nickname Dare.

Boone                        English                        “A blessing” Boone is one of those that gives me a cowboyish feel. It makes me think of a strong, dark and handsome cowboy though. Then I think of Daniel Boone, the frontiersman.

Clarke                        English                        “Scribe,scholar” Clarke has been out of popularity for a while now, but it’s starting to get more and more popular with parent’s seeking a short, strong name. Variation is Clark.

Davis                          Hebrew                       “beloved” Davis is a really nice twist on the traditional David. I actually like the surname better, and I usually don’t. Davis feels a little more edgy than David, but you still get the old nickname Dave.

Emmett                     Hebrew/English     “True/Universal” Emmett is definitely on the rise. It’s got a laid back feel and it’s on the rise as a male competitor for Emily and Emma. Also, Emmett is a name from the Twilight books and those names are all getting more attention right now.

Floyd                         Welsh                           “Gray haired” And does this name sound gray haired! I honestly can’t picture this name without thinking of the country; gray haired grandfather rocking on his front porch.

Harrison                   English                        “Son of Harry” It’s another surname name made popular by Harrison Ford. It’s perfect for parent’s looking for an H name that’s not the tired Harry or Hank, but isn’t too much like Huntington. It also has the cute nn of Harris.

Henry                        German                       “estate ruler”  Henry’s been hovering the the Top 100 for a while now, but it’s getting dangerously close to being in the Top 50. Henry has an old feel, but still seems accessible.  Henry has long been a royal name.

Howard                     German                       “brave heart” This is a cool meaning, old name. Howie and Ward make it much more accessible though.  Howard is getting dangerously close to falling off the top 1000, and that’s just wrong. I think Howard is a nice, solid name, and the only one I’ve known was a genius who could do advanced math in his head…it’s a good image!

Jasper                       Persian                         “bringer of treasure” Distinct and masculine, Jasper is a type of Quartz, and is one of the only gem names for boys. The only real problem with it is it’s strong connection to Twilight. Because of that, it might get very popular. Jasper was also thought to be the name of one of the 3 wise men.

Lucas                         Greek                            “From Luciana” Lucas is getting more and more popular. Lucas has always been popular with TV writers and in literature. There’s the German Renaissance artist Lucas Cranach, Contemporary artist Lucas Samaras, or the Director George Lucas. Plus, Luke is a nice, strong and ever popular nickname.

Marshall                   French                         “one who looks after horses” Marshall is actually a nice name. I like the nickname Marsh. It’s the real name of rapper Eminem and then there’s Marshall from “How I Met Your Mother.” It’s in the 300s so people like it, but it’s not too popular.

Mitchell                    English                         “Who is like God?” Mitchell has gone up and down in popularity. Sometimes people like it, sometimes they don’t. Personally, I’d like to meet a little Mitchell instead of another Michael. Mitch is nice too.

Monroe                     Scottish                       “Mouth of the Roe river” Recently I’ve decided I like the name Monroe on a boy, probably due to an interesting character in a new TV show called Grimm. Monroe is a presidential name, but it’s starting to get popular for girls. I’d just like to say that I find this name handsome and not at all attractive for girls.

Scott                          English                         “from Scotland” Scott is one of those short and strong names that I don’t see why it’s not more popular. I like it well enough and even work with a little boy whose middle name is Scott. Like Logan, Scott is another name from the X-Men franchise that deserves a good boost.

Warren                     French                         “Park Keeper” This was on my own list at one time. Just like Truman, it’s also a presidential name. It sounds strong and handsome, old fashioned but not too old fashioned. I think Warren is ready for a come back.

Wayne                      English                         “Maker of Wagons” Because of John Wayne, this name feels like a cowboy name to me. However, it’s not one of the cool cowboy names anymore, more like a dad name.


Name                      Origin                       Meaning

Fayette                    French                         This is historically a shorter variation of the French Lafayette. I think it sounds very feminine though. I love the name Fay for a girl and all its variations, and I would consider this as a cute, but still sophisticated form.

Ida                             German                       “Industrious one” Other short vowel names are coming back — Ada, Eva, Ava — but Ida still sounds sort of old ladyish, but that’s not too bad.

Louisa                      Latin                             “Renowned Warrior” I like Louisa. It’s very soft and sweet sounding, but with a very neat meaning. I think the nickname Lulu is so adorable too!

Madison                  English                        “son of Maud” Historically a boy name and extremely popular, #8, for girls. I don’t like this name too much, but I understand that most parent’s like it for it’s upscale kind of feel, or as a way to get to Maddy.

Page                          French/Word          “Page, attendant” or a piece of paper. I really like the connection the books and whatnot, but it’s also usable because of the same sound it has to Paige.

Shelby                      English                       “Estate on the ledge” Shelby was trendy 10 years ago, but it’s fallen out of favor for other -y names like Kelby, Bailey, Hailey, Kayley…. I can’t see why it might not get used too.

Story                         Word                          Very cute. I don’t think it would work very well as first name but as a middle it’s awesome! It’s absolutely perfect for the child of a writer.


Sebastiane says:

I have been to Story and ever since going there I always thought it would make such a cute female name 🙂

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