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{April 1, 2012}   Indiana County Names


Name                         Origin                       Meaning

Allen                           Celtic                            “Handsome” It is a handsome name, but it seems a little more suited for a dad or grandpa to me. However, there are several children I work with who have Allen as their middle names, so it might be geared for a comeback.

Bartholomew          Aramaic                      “Son of the furrow” Bartholomew is an apostle’s name that’s been out of favor for centuries but might appeal again to the parent in search of an old but rare choice. The problem with it for me is the nickname Bart. Sounds like brat and makes me think of the bratty son from the Simpsons. Bartholomew was used in a Ben Jonson play, Charles Dickens book, and most recently in 2 Dr. Seuss books. I really love the old nickname Tolly. Mew would be cool too.

Clark                            English                        “scribe, secretary, cleric, scholar, clerk” Clark immediately makes me think of Clark Gable or Gone With the Wind Fame, and Clark Kent, Superman’s alias. It’s only in the 600s and that’s great! You could bring it back.

Clay                              English                        Clay is a short, southern charm kind of name. It could make a comeback, but I foresee it being a short from of Clayton and Clayborne for a long time yet.

Floyd                           Welsh                           “Gray haired” And does this name sound gray haired! I honestly can’t picture this name without thinking of the country; gray haired grandfather rocking on his front porch.

Grant                           Scottish                       “Large” I’ve only known one Grant, and he was a little know-it-all. I find Grant to be no nonsense and strong.

Henry                          German                       “estate ruler”  Henry’s been hovering the the Top 100 for a while now, but it’s getting dangerously close to being in the Top 50. Henry has an old feel, but still seems accessible.  Henry has long been a royal name.

Howard                       German                       “brave heart” This is a cool meaning, old name. Howie and Ward make it much more accessible though.  Howard is getting dangerously close to falling off the top 1000, and that’s just wrong. I think Howard is a nice, solid name, and the only one I’ve known was a genius who could do advanced math in his head…it’s a good image!

Lawrence                   Latin                             “From Laurentium’ This name has survived a long time, from back in ancient Roman times when Laurentium was still a city with it’s prized laurel trees. It’s sitting at the middle of the Top 1000 and has the cool nickname Law.

Marshall                     French                         “one who looks after horses” Marshall is actually a nice name. I like the nickname Marsh. It’s the real name of rapper Eminem and then there’s Marshall from “How I Met Your Mother.” It’s in the 300s so people like it, but it’s not too popular.

Martin                        Latin                              “Warlike” Very interesting meaning for such an old fashioned, geeky name. This county was named for John W. Martin, the governor when this county was named. Martin is starting to try to make a comeback, just like Arthur or Vincent or any of those other old man names. It sounds geeky, but there are several great namesakes; Martin Luther (founder of Protestantism), Martin Luther King ( civil rights activist), and eighth President Martin Van Buren.

Monroe                      Scottish                        “Mouth of the Roe river” Recently I’ve decided I like the name Monroe on a boy, probably due to an interesting character in a new TV show called Grimm. Monroe is a presidential name, but it’s starting to get popular for girls. I’d just like to say that I find this name handsome and not at all attractive for girls.

Owen                            Welsh                           “young warrior” Owen, a resonant Celtic name, has jumped almost three hundred places in a decade, with every indication it will go higher. It’s a classic with a genuine history, yet it’s right in step with the modern trend for two-syllable, n-ending boys’ names. I really like Owen.

Randolph                  English                         “Shield Wolf” I actually quite like this, much more than Randell in any case. Randy is cute for a kid and Dolph is neat for a grown man.

Ripley                         English                         “Strip of clearing in the woods” The “Believe It or Not” jokes will get old fast. I do like it though, but surprisingly, I think I like it better on a girl. it’s probably because the the character Ripley from Alien.

Scott                           English                          “from Scotland” Scott is one of those short and strong names that I don’t see why it’s not more popular. I like it well enough and even work with a little boy whose middle name is Scott. Scott is another name from the X-Men franchise that deserves a good boost.

Spencer                      English                        “house steward, dispenser of provisions” This is a nice name, but its one of those that always feels like it won’t grow up well. I don’t know why that is, but there you go. I do like that it sounds fun and friendly though.

Sullivan                      Irish                             “Black-eyed one” Sullivan is sort of jaunty sounding, bouncy and fun to say with the adorable nickname Sully.

Warren                      French                         “Park Keeper” This was on my own list at one time. It’s a presidential name. It sounds strong and handsome, old fashioned but not too old fashioned. I think Warren is ready for a come back.

Wayne                        English                         “Maker of Wagons” Because of John Wayne, this name feels like a cowboy name to me. However, it’s not one of the cool cowboy names anymore, more like a dad name.


Name                        Origin                        Meaning

Fayette                      French                         This is historically a shorter variation of the French Lafayette. I think it sounds very feminine though. I love the name Fay for a girl and all its variations, and I would consider this as a cute, but still sophisticated form.

Madison                    English                         “Son of Maud” Historically and boys name, it’s number 8 on the popularity list for girls. Some parent’s like the upper town feel while some are just trying to come up with another way to get at Maddy. While I don’t usually go for unisex names, this own has been on the girls side for so long now, I can’t imagine it on a boy.

Posey                         English                         “A bunch of flowers” Posey is cute and sweet, but definitely not something I see aging well. It’s fairly popular in England though, so I guess that means I’m wrong. However, I think it would make a better middle name.

Ripley                        English                         “Strip of clearing in the woods” The “Believe It or Not” jokes will get old fast. I do like it though, but surprisingly, I think I like it better on a girl. it’s probably because the the character Ripley from Alien.

Shelby                       English                         “estate on the ledge” A decade ago, Shelby seemed like a cool choice, but nowadays, I prefer Sidney. It is sitting in the 100s on the popularity list, so it must still be popular in some circles.

Whitley                     English                         “White meadow” To me, it just looks like a misspelling or weird spin on Whitney. I did go to Junior high with a girl named Whitley though, and she made it work, but she wasn’t very nice either.


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