Dantea's Baby Names

{March 31, 2012}   Illinois City Names — Girls

Name                       Origin                         Meaning

Alexis                        English                         “Man’s defender” Alexis is currently the most popular feminine form of Alexander. It’s sitting at #16 right now. It’s not my favorite feminine form, but it’s not bad either. It has a spunky sound and still gets the nickname Alex or Lexie.

Anna                          Hebrew                        “Grace” In my opinion, Anna is the prettiest of the 2, Anne and Anna. Anna has been used for centuries all over Europe. Anna is a regal name, simple yet elegant.

Ashley                       English                        “dweller near the ash tree meadow” Ashley was mega-popular in the 80s and 90s but now it’s starting to go back down while still managing to stay in the top 30. It’s pretty but I like the nickname Asha much more.

Augusta                    Latin                             “exalted one” It has an old fashioned kind of feel to it, but with August coming into style for the boys, I can definitely see this coming into style too. It’s got the August part in there and I prefer Auggie as a nickname for a girl for sure.

Aurora                      Latin                             “Dawn” Aurora, the poetic name of the Roman goddess of sunrise whose tears turned into the morning dew, and of Sleeping Beauty, would be sure to make any little girl feel like a princess. Aurora has consistently been on the popularity list since the 19th century, but is now at its highest point ever– and looks to climb even further.

Ava                             Latin                             “Like a bird” Ava is very popular right now, sitting at #5. It’s very pretty, but so overly poular as to put me off the name.

Bethany                    Hebrew                        “House of figs” I actually really like Bethany. It has a very pretty, lyrical sound with the short nickname Beth. In the bible, Bethany is the name of a village just outside Jerusalem where Jesus stayed during Holy Week.

Bonnie                       Scottish                       “Beautiful and cheerful” Bonnie is a word that is actually used to mean pretty in Scotland. Bonnie had a nice boost when Gone with the Wind used it for the pet name of Rhett and Scarlett’s daughter. I really like it, but it is one of those names that doesn’t seem like it would age well.

Cameron                  Scottish                       “Crooked nose” Cameron is a popular name for boys and girls and it has a nice soft sound. I like it much better for a boy, but I can see the appeal on a girl. It sound strong but Cammie could make a feminine nickname.

Cary                            Irish                            “Dark, black” To me, this looks like an alternate spelling of Carey/Carrie. I find Carey dated, but with all the other -ey names getting attention for girls right now, Carey could probably make a comeback.

Catlin                         Gaelic                          “Pure” I actually like this. I love the nickname Cat, and the name seems much spunkier than the traditional Caitlin. The issue with it is that it’s likely to be misspelled and misheard as Caitlin.

Chana                        Hebrew                       It’s nice, but the CH at the beginning calls for the guttural, back of the throat sound that people who don’t speak the language tend to have a hard time making.

Dana                          English                         “From Denmark” This name found in both Celtic and Scandinavian mythology has gone from all-boy to almost all-girl. I can’t even begin to picture this on a boy. It does have a slightly older sound to it though, as Dana is my grandmother. This is also the birth name of Queen Latifah.

Elizabeth                 Hebrew                        “Pledged to God” Elizabeth is popular, has always been popular, and will always be popular. Elizabeth has a rich history as a name for queens and therefore, a timeless sort of style. Elizabeth has a ton of nickname possibility: Liz, Lizzy, Beth, Eliza, Libby, Bess, Ellie, Liza

Emma                       German                        “Universal” This is mega popular, as it’s sitting at #3. Emma is simple and pretty. It’s also an old royal name used throughout the centuries, but retains it’s beauty no matter how old it gets.

Flora                         Latin                              “Flower” Flora, the Roman Goddess of Flowers and Spring, who enjoyed eternal youth, is one of the gently old-fashioned girls’ flower names that’s due for a comeback. It’s been popular in Scotland for a long time, but isn’t too popular here. I think it’s very soft and pretty and I would love to see it get more use.

Laura                        Latin                              “Bay laurel” Laura seems old to me, but still pretty and very usable. It’s never too popular and never too out there, feminine but not overly frilly.

Loraine                    French                          “From the province of Lorraine” Loraine is a very old name, and it might just be ready to come back around. I like it. Lori is a nice solid nickname, but Raine is spunky.

Marietta                  French                          I actually really like this one. It’s very pretty and still mature. Mary, Marie, Etta, Ettie are all good nicknames.

Marissa                    Latin                              “Of the sea” Pretty and a little frilly, it’s never been nearly as popular as Melissa. Rissa and Mari or even Maris are nice nicknames for it.

Medora                    Greek                             “Mother’s gift” Medora is definitely never been as popular as Melissa and Melanie. It has some literary references, including as the beautiful and passionate heroine of Lord Byron’s poem The Corsair. I like it, and would love to see it get used.

Nora                          Irish                              “Light” Nora is simple and pretty, but has an older sound to me. I think it would be lovely to see Nora could back into style.

Roxana                     Persian                        “dawn: little star” The name of the wife of Alexander the Great, more attractive than the regular Roxanne. Roxana was first used in the English-speaking world in the 1600s and was popularized by Daniel Defoe’s novel Roxana, published in 1724. An underused and attractive possibility. Roxie is such a spunky nickname and Anna is nice and grounded.

Serena                       Latin                            “Tranquil, serene” Serena is a name used since Roman times. It was given a new popularity with Tennis star Serena Williams. It sound soft and calm, like it’s suppose to.

Shannon                   Irish                             “Old and Wise” I like it well enough, but personal things have ruined this name for me. However, I think a little girl named Shannon would be great.

Trilla                          ????                               I don’t know the origin or the meaning of this name, but I like it! It sound musical to me. A trill is when you go quickly back and forth between 2 notes, so that’s why Trilla sound musical. I would love to see someone use this.


Ursa                           Greek                           “Little Bear” I like this one too, but not as much as other Greek names. The U is a really neat letter, as you don’t see many names starting with U. I think I mildly prefer the full name Ursula better.

Victoria                    Latin                            “Victory” Victoria, the epitome of gentility and refinement, reflects the image of the long-reigning British queen. I think it sounds lovely and high-end, but Vicky and Tori make the name much more approachable.

Xenia                         Greek                           “hospitable, welcoming” I really like this one. The X makes it so fresh and spunky, but the sounds are all familiar. This is a Greek name that needs a little more popularity. Xen, Xeni, and Nia are great nicknames too.


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