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{March 20, 2012}   Illinois County Names


Name                        Origin                        Meaning

Alexander                Greek                           “Defending Warrior” Alexander is a strong and extremely popular name with tons of nicknames possibilities and variations. Alexander the Great (or Alexander III) conquered a good chunk of Asia, and is perhaps the most well known of the Alexanders. There are a ton of other great Alexanders though including Alexander Hamilton, Alexander Graham Bell, and Alexander Fleming.

Boone                         English                        “A blessing” Boone is one of those that gives me a cowboyish feel. It makes me think of a strong, dark and handsome cowboy though. Then I think of Daniel Boone, the frontiersman.

Cass                             Nickname                  Cass is a light, if not slightly feminine form of a lot of Cas- names such as Casper, Cassian, Cassander… I like it as a nickname, male or female.

Christian                   Greek                           “Follower of Christ” Christian is a little overly pious to me, but a lot of people see it as a direct statement of their faith. I’m of the opinion that your child isn’t a personal statement about yourself, but to each their own. It’s got Chris, which is nice.

Edgar                          German                      “Prosperous Spearman” I think Edgar sounds very old, and it makes me think of King Lear by Shakespeare and Edgar was a bad guy in there (commonly called Edgar the bastard). I only really like it because of Edgar Allan Poe. I think it could make a comeback with Edward and Edmund though.

Henry                         German                      “estate ruler”  Henry’s been hovering the the Top 100 for a while now, but it’s getting dangerously close to being in the Top 50. Henry has an old feel, but still seems accessible.  Henry has long been a royal name.

Kane                            Celtic                          “Man of the Eastern Sky” This name has a lot of things going on at once. It sounds like a soap opera name, sounds like the evil brother Cain from the Bible, and I really quite like the Hawaiian pronunciation KAH-neh.

Kendall                       English                       “Valley of the River Kent” The site I was just looking on has Kendall listed as a girl name but I disagree. Kendall is traditionally a male name and I don’t think it sounds very good for a girl.

Lawrence                   Latin                           “From Laurentium’ This name has survived a long time, from back in ancient Roman times when Laurentium was still a city with it’s prized laurel trees. It’s sitting at the middle of the Top 1000 and has the cool nickname Law.

Logan                          Scottish                     “Small Hollow” Logan is a Scottish surname that originated from a place of the same name in Ayrshire. It’s got a nice sound to it, but is pretty popular at #17 on the list right now. Wolverine, known as Logan, from the X-men comics and movies, gave the name a big boost too.

Mason                         English                       “Worker in stone” Mason, along with other names ending in -on and occupational names, is getting hot right now. It’s sitting at #12 right now, and that’s definitely popular. I’ve heard it on an equal number of girls and boys.

Monroe                      Scottish                     “Mouth of the Roe river” Recently I’ve decided I like the name Monroe on a boy, probably due to an interesting character in a new TV show called Grimm. Monroe is a presidential name, but it’s starting to get popular for girls. I’d just like to say that I find this name handsome and not at all attractive for girls.

Morgan                      Welsh                          “circle, sea” Morgan, which is more female than male here in America, is still a strong boy name in Wales. I actually think I prefer Morgan on a boy.

Schuyler                    Dutch                         “Scholar” This is the traditional Dutch spelling on the name Skyler, still pronounced the same way, but I don’t think it will ever get as popular as the phonetic spelling. Still like Skye as a nickname though.

Scott                            English                      “from Scotland” Scott is one of those short and strong names that I don’t see why it’s not more popular. I like it well enough and even work with a little boy whose middle name is Scott. Like Logan, Scott is another name from the X-Men franchise that deserves a good boost.

Wayne                         English                      “Maker of wagons” When I hear Wayne, I think of John Wayne, but even the cowboy feel and the connection to John Wayne can’t make this seem fresh. It’s more of a dad or granddad name.


Name                         Origin                     Meaning

Cass                              Nickname                Cass is a light and spunky nickname for Cas- names such as Cassandra, Cassia, Casey… I like it as a nickname, male or female.

Morgan                       Welsh                         “circle, sea” Morgan, which is more female than male here in America, is still a strong boy name in Wales. I actually think I prefer Morgan on a boy, but I can see the appeal on girls.

Shelby                         English                      “Estate on the ledge” Shelby was trendy 10 years ago, but it’s fallen out of favor for other -y names like Kelby, Bailey, Hailey, Kayley…. I can’t see why it might not get used too.

Vermillion                 Color                         Vermillion is an interesting color choice that I think could make a great name, if a bit out there for some people’s taste. Millie, Mila, Vera are all lovely nicknames.


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