Dantea's Baby Names

{March 15, 2012}   Idaho City Names — Boys

Name                        Origin                       Meaning

Ashton                       English                       “Ash Tree Place” I think Ashton is pretty good. Ash is a great name and it’s got that popular ending. I’ve heard that it’s been used on girls sometimes, but I think it’s distinctly masculine.

Avery                         English                       “Ruler of the Elves” Love Avery for a boy. It’s being used more and more for girls, though, which is sad as I think it’s a great name for a boy. Probably it’s being used for girls because of it’s similarity to Ava and Ivory, but I wish more people would use it for boys.

Clifton                        English                       “Place on a cliff” Clifton is nice, but it seems a little upscale to me. Cliff is a great nickname though, and I think that grounds it.

Donnelly                   Irish                            “Dark, brave one” I kind of like it. I think, with time, it could really grow on me. Don and Donny are cute. I think it has the same spunk as Donovan.

Ellis                             Welsh                          “Benevolent” This is the Welsh form of Elijah and the Greek Elias and is fairly popular in Wales. A good note on Ellis; Ellis Bell was the male pseudonym of Emily Bronte. I like it. It has a masculine sound.

Emmett                     Hebrew/English     “True/Universal” Emmett is definitely on the rise. It’s got a laid back feel and it’s on the rise as a male competitor for Emily and Emma. Also, Emmett is a name from the Twilight books and those names are all getting more attention right now.

Kendrick                   English/Scottish    “Royal ruler, champion” It has a strong sound with some harsh consonant, but I think I like it. It’s very manly. It still gets a soft name like Kenny too.

Murphy                     Irish                            “Sea warrior” This is the most common family name in Ireland and a perfectly fine choice for a first name. It has a jaunty feel.

Murray                      Scottish                     “Settlement by the sea” I think Murray has the same sort of feel as Murphy, jaunty and fun. This one has a nickname though, Ray, which is a pretty grounded.

Parker                        English                       “Park keeper” Parker is one of the oldest used surname/occupational names. The problem with it is that I’ve been hearing a lot lately that it’s being used on girls. I can’t see the appeal. I think it sounds fine on a boy.

Paul                             Latin                           “Paul” Paul was a popular name in the Roman and Medieval times so that shows how ancient it is. It’s not very fashionable nowadays, but that doesn’t mean anything. It’s scarce right now, but that’s nice. There’s also Paul Revere as a name sake.

Rigby                          English                       “Ridge farm” Rigby is a British surname which might bring to mind the Beatles song “Eleanor Rigby”. I actually really like Rigby. I think it has a cool sound and would make a great first or middle name. The issue I can see with it though is it’s similarity to the word “rigid”.

Spencer                     English                       “house steward, dispenser of provisions” This is a nice name, but its one of those that always feels like it won’t grow up well. I don’t know why that is, but there you go. I do like that it sounds fun and friendly though.

Stanley                      English                       “Near the stoney meadow” Stanley really seems nerdy to me. I don’t think it’s ready for “Geek Chic” yet, but it would be a great middle name.

Thatcher                   English                       “Roof thatcher” Friendly and interesting. Love it much more than Tyler or Taylor. I think Thatcher has a lovely sound and is a great name right along with Fletcher and Mason and other occupational names getting popular right now. Thatch is a cute nickname.

Victor                        Latin                            “Conqueror” Victor is one of the earliest names of Christian Popes and Saints. It became popular in the English speaking world via Queen Victoria since Victor was the only masculine form of Victoria.

Wallace                     English/French       “A Welshman/Celt” It’s so far away from being popular that it could conceivably make a comeback. Wally is adorable.


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