Dantea's Baby Names

{March 14, 2012}   Idaho County Names


Name                        Origin                           Meaning

Blaine                         Irish                                 “Slender, angular” Blaine is the surname of a seventh century Scottish saint but it tends to come off sounding a little soap-operaish. I, however, quite like Blaine. I think it sounds cool and adventurous, but still grounded enough to work on a grown man.

Clark                           English                            “scribe, secretary, cleric, scholar, clerk” When I think of Clark, I think of Gone With the Wind, Clark Gable, and Superman. Clark is pretty low on the popularity list so it’s familiar but still uncommon.

Elmore                       English                            “Moor with Elm Trees” Elmore is old. Old man sitting on the porch drinking his tea and watching the world go by. I don’t think it’s quite ready for a comeback yet.

Franklin                     English                           “Free landowner” Frank is okay, Franklin reminds me of a green turtle from children’s cartoons and Franklin Roosevelt. The latter isn’t that bad of a name sake in my opinion.

Lewis                          English                           “Renowned Warrior” This is a neat name and the phonetic spelling of the French Louis. It’s been #1 or 2 in Scotland since 2000 according to my sources, but parent’s in the USA are just noticing it. Lewis Carroll, of Alice in Wonderland fame, is probably the most famous bearer of the name here in the US. Louis Armstrong pronounced his name like Lewis. It’s got a great nickname, Lew.


Name                        Origin                          Meaning

Ada                              German                         “Noble, Nobility” Ada has started to come back in the last few years. It sounds like the popular Ava fits in with the trend of short, classic names coming back into style. However, Ada is likely to get popular like Ava. I think it’s very pretty.

Cassia                         Greek                              “Cinnamon” Cassia is just gorgeous. It’s unusual but stylish. Cass and Cash names are getting popular for boys, so I think Cassia is likely to get noticed soon too. I like it pronounced CAH-shuh but I’ve also heard it pronounced CASS-ee-uh.


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