Dantea's Baby Names

{March 12, 2012}   Hawaii City Names — Girls

Name                        Origin                           Meaning

Hana                           Hawaiian                        “Happiness; Flower; Work” This name can also be listed as Japanese, Slavic, Arabic, and Spanish. It’s pronounced hah-nuh. I think it’s pretty.

Hanalei                      Hawaiian                        Some sites I’ve found said this name means “Crescent Bay”. It would be pronounced hah-nuh-lee and I think it’s very pretty! I actually really like it and Hana or Lee are sweet nicknames.

Kealia                         Hawaiian/Irish            I’ve found some sites that list this as meaning “Beautiful or Slender” I think it has a lot of vowel sounds and rolls of the tongue easily, but it might be too much.

Koloa                          Hawaiian/Tongan      The sites I’ve found say it means “Wealth” I think it’s pretty and Loa is a gorgeous nickname. The issue is that it looksl ike Koala.

Lanai                           Hawaiian                       “Porch” That’s a weird meaning. I like this one a lot too. It’s very pretty and I think it could work really well.



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