Dantea's Baby Names

{March 10, 2012}   Georgia County Names

There are really only boys names for this states counties.

Name                        Origin                          Meaning

Bryan                          Irish                               “Strong, Virtuous, and Honorable” Brian is one of the most popular of the Irish names, and this spelling is interesting and slightly more popular than the original. To me though, the Y just makes it look trendy.

Cherokee                   Native American      Cherokee seems like it’s a little too feminine, but I happen to know a very sporty boy who sports this name, and I think it works perfectly fine on him!

Clarke                         English                          “Scribe,scholar” Clarke has been out of popularity for a while now, but it’s starting to get more and more popular with parent’s seeking a short, strong name. Variation is Clark.

Clay                             English                          Clay is a short, southern charm kind of name. It could make a comeback, but I foresee it being a short from of Clayton and Clayborne for a long time yet.

Clayton                      English                          “Place with good clay” It almost fits in with the Aiden/Jaden etc trend but is much more traditional. I think of it as more of a western name.

Dawson                      Welsh                            “Son of David” I really like Dawson. It feels soft, but still good for a grown man. Despite the popular -son ending, I think this name makes an excellent choice.

Douglas                      Scottish                        “Black water” The surname of a powerful Scottish Clan. This name seems very dated, as the only ones I know are over 40, but maybe it’ll start making a comeback. It’s sitting in the 400s now, so there does seem to be a chance.

Franklin                     English                          “Free landowner” Frank is okay, Franklin reminds me of a green turtle from children’s cartoons and Franklin Roosevelt. The latter isn’t that bad of a name sake in my opinion.

Gordon                       Scottish                        “Great Hill” Originally a surname, it was used in honor of 19th century general Charles George Gordon, killed defending the city of Khartoum. I immediately think of Gordon Ramsey, the celebrated Scottish Chef.

Harris                          English                         “Son of Harry” Harris is nice. I think it has a manish sound but it isn’t over the top. It isn’t too surnamey like Harrison but it’s newer than Harry.

Henry                          German                        “Estate Ruler” Henry is rapidly gaining in popularity. I like Henry well enough. It has a great sound and it’s soft but still a classic boys name. My problem with it is more that it stills seems old to me.

Irwin                            English                         “Boar Friend” It’s okay, but it mostly reminds me of the late Steve Irwin, the Australian who was very fond of poking dangerous animals with sticks. Might be a nice name for a boy you hope to be adventurous, but it does have a nerdy sort of feel.

Jackson                       English                         “Son of Jack” Jackson is getting mega popular. I’ve known several under the age of 10 and I can’t see it losing steam in the near future. The best part about this name is the nickname Jack or Jacks.

Jasper                          Persian                         “bringer of treasure” Distinct and masculine, Jasper is a type of Quartz, and is one of the only gem names for boys. The only real problem with it is it’s strong connection to Twilight. Because of that, it might get very popular. Jasper was also thought to be the name of one of the 3 wise men.

Mitchell                       English                         “Who is like God?” Mitchell has gone up and down in popularity. Sometimes people like it, sometimes they don’t. Personally, I’d like to meet a little Mitchell instead of another Michael. Mitch is nice too.

Pierce                           English                         “Son of Piers” Pierce is one of those names that seems to manly for me. Pierce, as in to pierce something? It feels the same as Tripp or Jett, but I know most people will see it as more of an roughly handsome name.

Randolph                    English                         “Shield Wolf” I actually quite like this, much more than Randell in any case. Randy is cute for a kid and Dolph is neat for a grown man.

Thomas                        Aramaic                      “Twin” Thomas is still one of the most popular and well loved classic boys names, and a fairly common surname too. It’s the name of several saints and apostles. There’s Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Edison. Thomas came about because there were too many apostles named Judas so Jesus renamed one Thomas to distinguish him from Judas Iscariot.

Wayne                          English                         “Maker of Wagons” Because of John Wayne, this name feels like a cowboy name to me. However, it’s not one of the cool cowboy names anymore, more like a dad name.


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