Dantea's Baby Names

{March 8, 2012}   Florida City Names — Girls

Name                        Origin                         Meaning

Anna Maria              Italian                           I think this is very pretty. I would put a hyphen in the middle so it looks like a double barrel first name in stead of a first and middle name combo. It has a lovely rhythmic sound and there are plenty of nickname possibilities.

Carrabelle                 Italian                           “Beloved” I think this is very pretty. I prefer the spelling Carabelle, but otherwise, I think this is a great name. I love the nicknames Cara and Belle or Bella.

Dania                          Hebrew                         “God is my Judge” This is a Hebrew diminutive of Danielle. I prefer it to the longer form. I think it’s cute, but will age fairly well. Danny is a cute nickname too.

Felda                          German                         “From the field” It’s okay. It’s sort of consonant heavy for me, but for someone with Germanic origins it probably wouldn’t be. I think Fela would be a cute nickname.

Kathleen                   Irish                               “Pure” Kathleen was the Irish name that came after Katherine but before Kaitlin. It hasn’t been very popular since about the 50s, but it hasn’t been used in so long it’s beginning to seem fresh again. Kat and Kitty still work as nicknames, as well as the old standby Kathy.

Marianna                  Spanish                        Beautiful name. I like Mary and I like Anna but I LOVE them together. It has a wonderful sound and it just lilts when you say it. However, it does have a Spanish vibe to it, so you might want to think about that, but that’s okay. It’s lovely.

Mary Esther            Hebrew/Persian       This is a double barrel first name of a Hebrew name and a Persian name. Mary means “Bitter” and Esther means “Star”. Mary is the quintessential biblical name, classic and timeless and still getting used in it’s original form and in all sorts of variations (see Marianna above). Esther was another woman in the bible, definitely not as big as Mary, but still. I think they sound very pretty together.

Odessa                       Greek                             “Full of Wrath” Awful meaning, pretty name. I’ve also seen that it means “Odyssey, Voyage” and that makes a lot more sense to me as Odessa and Odyssey are very similar. I like it okay. It has a pleasing sound and the cute nicknames of Dessa and Dessy.

Ona                             Irish Variation           “one/lamb” This is a variant spelling of Oona which is a variant spelling of Una. I actually like the sound of Ona/Oona/Una. In it’s original form, Una was the personification of truth, beauty, and unity in an epic poem. It’s still heard there, but hardly at all here.

Waverly                    English                          “Meadow of Quivering Aspens” Waverly has a lovely sound, and is getting more notice here lately, but I always thought it was sort of trendy. Spelled Waverley, this was the title of Sir Walter Scott’s popular 1814 novel, whose hero was a young English soldier named Edward Waverley. Spelled Waverly, it was the daughter of Buttercup and Wesley in the Princess Bride. Even though it has a lot of literary cred, I just immediately think of the TV show The Wizards of Waverly Place.


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