Dantea's Baby Names

{March 4, 2012}   Delaware City Names — Girl and Boy



Name                  Origin                     Meaning

Arden                   English                    “Valley of the Eagle” Arden is being used pretty frequently for girls now, but I always though it sounded better as a boys name. Arden is the name of the magical forest in Shakespeare’s As You Like It. I read a play recently called Arden of Faversham and it was about a male Arden. The nicknames Arddie and Art are nice too.

Clayton                English                    “Place with good clay” It almost fits in with the Aiden/Jaden etc trend but is much more traditional. I think of it as more of a western name. Variations Include: Clay, Clayten, Klayton

Delmar                 Spanish                   “Of the sea” When I hear Delmar, I think of the George Clooney movie Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? It was the name of the soft hearted idiot, one of the three prisoners. I think it sounds like an old man, but the nickname Del makes it a little better.

Milton                  English                    “settlement with a mill” I like Milton. It has a little bit of an upper class, surname feel, but still seems grounded. I think of John Milton, the epic poet, who wrote Paradise Lost (which was probably his most famous work). Milt is an interesting nickname too.


Name                 Origin                     Meaning

Bethel                 Hebrew                    “House of God” This is another one with the lovely nickname of Beth, but the actual name is much more dated than Bethany. I don’t really like it, but I think I would like it okay on someone else daughter. It could be cute in a quirky kind of way.

Frederica             German                   “Peaceful ruler” This would be an neat choice. It has an old fashioned formality to it, but still a pretty sound. It’s feminine but still provides boyish nicknames for those parents looking for that kind of thing. Freddy, Freda, Ricky, and Rica are nice nicknames.

Laurel                  Latin                       “Laurel Tree” I like Laurel a little bit. I like its connection to mythology and Greek/Roman royalty more than the name itself. It would be a good choice for anyone trying to honor a Laura in the family.

Magnolia              Flower                    Southern style flower name moving up in the world. I don’t like it too much, but it has a lovely sound. Nickname possibilities: Maggie, Nola, Lia

Odessa                Greek                    “Full of Wrath” Awful meaning, pretty name. I’ve also seen that it means “Odyssey, Voyage” and that makes a lot more sense to me as Odessa and Odyssey are very similar. I like it okay. It has a pleasing sound and the cute nicknames of Dessa and Dessy.

Viola                    Latin                      “Violet” Viola is a gorgeous name. It has a lot going for it; a pretty musical connection, the association with the flower, and it’s a Shakespearean name in Twelfth Night.


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