Dantea's Baby Names

{March 3, 2012}   Connecticut City Names — Boys

Names                Origin                      Meaning

Chester                Latin                        “Fortress, Walled Town” Chester is a nice enough name. it has sort of a weird, cuddly feel to it. It does have a lot of namesakes though including Admiral Chester Nimitz (a WW2 hero), Chester Gould (creator of Dick Tracy), and Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park. It has the cool nickname Chess too!

Darien                  Greek                      “Gift” Darien is a variation of Darian. I really like it. The -on/-en/-an ending is super popular right now and Darius (the name Darien comes from)  is an old name, which seems popular right now. Darien combines the current trends of “old names becoming new again” with the popular ending to make it super appealing. I love the sound and the nickname Dare is awesome.

Easton                 English                    “East facing place” Easton is just a new take on Weston and at #145 it’s on it’s way up the list. I actually like Easton a little, but mostly for the nickname East.

Morris                  English                    “Dark-skinned” Morris is a strong name but not uber masculine. I think Morris is cool and needs make a comeback. It dropped off the list in the ninties and that’s pretty sad considering it’s a great mix of manly and soft.

Preston                English                    “Priest’s Estate” I list Preston okay. It feels upscale so that puts me off the name a little bit.

Seymour              English                    “Marshy land near the sea” When I hear Seymour, I immediately think of Seymour Skinner, the mommy’s boy principal from the Simpsons. I think it’s still pretty dated.

Shelton                English                    “place on a ledge of bank” Shelton seems like a pretty nerdy name, but I think it’s sort of Geek Chic. Shell is sort of a cute nickname too.

Sherman              English                    “Shearer of woolen cloth” Sherman makes me think of Sherman’s March, which isn’t a good thought, but most people probably won’t. I think Sherman’s still a little dated too, but closer to coming back than Seymour.

Warren                 French                    “Park-keeper” I love Warren! I think it’s classic and timeless. It has a pretty somber feel, but I like that. It’s presidential, so it has that going for it. War is a little violent but still pretty cool for a nickname. Ren is also cool.

Weston                English                   “From the western town” Weston has a nice cowboyish feel to it. I like it just fine, but like Easton, I like the nickname West much more than the actual name.


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