Dantea's Baby Names

{March 1, 2012}   Colorado City Names — Girls

Name                        Origin                           Meaning

Aspen                         Nature/Place               Aspen is a type of tree and also a very popular ski resort. I’ve only known one girl named Aspen and she’s probably about 13 so this name is definitely a unique one. I like it better than a lot of other tree names.

Aurora                       Latin                               “Dawn” Aurora, the poetic name of the Roman goddess of sunrise whose tears turned into the morning dew, and of Sleeping Beauty, would be sure to make any little girl feel like a princess. Aurora has consistently been on the popularity list since the 19th century, but is now at its highest point ever– and looks to climb even further.

Blanca                        Spanish                          “White” BLAHN-cuh. I like it better than Blanche but worse than Bianca. It’s one of those in between names that I can’t make a decision about. I think it has a nice sound, but seems a little bland and will probably be mispronounced as blank-uh

Catherine                  Greek                             “Pure” Catherine is one of those names that seems eternally timeless. It seems no matter how old it gets or how many Grandma’s someone knows with this name, there will always be a little girl running around with it too. I love Cat or Kit as a nickname. I’m sure it will gain popularity thanks to Catherine Middleton marrying Prince William.

Deora                          English                          “beloved” My sources tell me these origins but I’m not sure entirely. I like Deora. I think it’s neat and fresh with a pretty set of flowing vowels. Dee and Dea are cute nickanmes and even Deedee could work.

Dove                            Nature                           There are 2 places with Dove in them in Colorado, Dove Creek and Dove Valley. Dove would make a lovely middle name, a subtle way to show peace and love.

Elizabeth                    Hebrew                         “Pledged to God” Elizabeth is popular, has always been popular, and will always be popular. Elizabeth has a rich history as a name for queens and therefore, a timeless sort of style. Elizabeth has a ton of nickname possibility: Liz, Lizzy, Beth, Eliza, Libby, Bess, Ellie, Liza

Florence                     Latin                              “Flourishing, prosperous” This is another one I’ve seen thrown around a lot. I actually like Florence despite its older feel. Maybe it’s Florence and the Machine that’s given it such a boost here recently, I don’t know, but with the cute nickname Flora or Ren, I like it.

Idalia                           German                         “Work” An elaboration of the name Ida, which has both Germanic and Sanskrit roots. I really like this one! I love Dahlia and this name has that right there in it. Since it’s German, it’s pronounced EE-dahl-ee-ah and I prefer that to the American assumption which would probably be EYE-dahl-ee-ah. Nicknames could be Ida or Dahlia or Dolly or Lia.

Larkspur                    Flower                           I really think this is a very cool flower name. I would put it in the middle. It has all the spunk of the rising bird name Lark but with that edgy spur attached.

Maybell                      Latin                               “Lovable” This is a dressed up version of Mabel which is a diminutive of Amabel which means Lovable. This version is a bit frilly for my taste but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it. I think it’s pretty and has May, Bell, and Bella are nicknames.

Meredith                    Welsh                             “Great Ruler” Meredith is an old fashioned name that I think needs to make a comeback. I like it. It has a mature, sophisticated sound with a cute nickname of Merry.

Penrose                      Cornish/Welsh           “Top of the heath” Penrose is an ancient place name and surname in Cornwall, Wales, and the Welsh border. I think it’s just as cool as Larkspur and definitely needs a chance. Everyone loves Rose names right, here’s a “brand new” one. You get Penny and Rose/Rosa/Rosie as a nickname.


I know a lady who has recently used the name Dove, and I kind of like it but I’m not completely convinced that I’d actually use it.

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