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{February 29, 2012}   Colorado City Names — Boys

Names                      Origin                          Meaning

Bennett                      English                          “Blessed” Bennett is a nice enough name. It give you Ben, like Benjamin, but seems a little less formal. I like it for the nickname Ben mostly.

Boone                         English                         “A blessing” Boone is one of those that gives me a cowboyish feel. It makes me think of a strong, dark and handsome cowboy though. Then I think of Daniel Boone, the frontiersman.

Brandon                     English                        “Broom covered hill” Brandon is a nice name, one I have a soft spot for but wouldn’t use myself. It had a great run in the top 10 from ’92 – ’98 but it’s slipped back down to #43 now. I don’t know why. It’s much more sophisticated than the current Braden.


Clark                            English                        “scribe, secretary, cleric, scholar, clerk” Clark immediately makes me think of Clark Gable or Gone With the Wind Fame, and Clark Kent, Superman’s alias. It’s only in the 600s and that’s great! You could bring it back.


Cory                             Irish                             “From the hollow” I’ve seen that Cory/Corey is becoming unisex recently and I think that’s ridiculous. I like Cory/Corey. I think it has a soft sound but is still boyish enough to work. It’s still in the 300s so I guess there’s still people out there with me.


Craig                            Scottish                       “From the Rocks” Craig is one of those older names that i can only picture on an older uncle or something. It has a nice enough sound, but I think it’s a little dated.

Dillon                          Irish                              “Loyal” I like Dylan a little, but it always seemed like one of those names that wouldn’t age well despite the connotations of Bob Dylan or Dylan Thomas. I think it’s probably the Dylan spelling that bothers me, something about the way it looks, because I like this spelling so much more. It looks mature and I like the look of Dill better than Dyl.

Drake                          English                         “Male Duck” I love Drake. It’s simple yet cool and edgy. I’ll admit that it does sound a little soap operaish but so what? So do lots of great names. If you don’t like Drake on it’s own, there’s always a longer form like Draco.


Foxton                       English?                       I love Fox. It’s such a cool name, but I always felt like it needed a little something to help it not sound so immature. Granted, I know people named Fox, but maybe you also think it needs a little something. Maybe Foxton can help. It’s got that trendy -on ending but the super cool possibility of Fox.

Frederick                  German                        “Peaceful Ruler” Frederick is a super strong name. I like it well enough, but mostly I think Fred is cute nickname. Frederick virtually disappeared for a while there and left parents with only memories of Mr. Rogers and Fred Astaire. It fell off the charts probably because of the military air it gives off, reminiscent of Frederick the Great, the enlightened king of Prussia who laid the foundations of the powerful Prussian empire. There’s also Frederick Douglas, who rose from slavery to power as a political activist. Frederick is also a Shakespearean name. There’s a lot going for Frederick.

Hale                             English                         “someone who lives in a hollow” Hale and Hearty, this name conjure up an image of health and well being. It’s simple and easy but still unusual enough to stand out in a crowd.

Howard                      German                        “brave heart” This is a cool meaning, old name. Howie and Ward make it much more accessible though.  Howard is getting dangerously close to falling off the top 1000, and that’s just wrong. I think Howard is a nice, solid name, and the only one I’ve known was a genius who could do advanced math in his head…it’s a good image!

Hudson                      English                          “Hugh’s Son” Hudson has gotten a real boost here lately for some reason. It’s always been a popular surname, but now people are looking at it as a first name. I think of the Hudson River first, which is a strong image.

Hugo                           Latin                              “Heart, mind, spirit” Hugo, the Latin form of Hugh, is a lot more energetic and cool than the original. Hugo has been sitting comfortably in the middle of the list, 300-500, but thanks to the recent movie Hugo, it will probably get a bit of a popularity boost. Also, in the 7th Harry Potter book, Ron and Hermione have a son named Hugo and that might give it a boost too. I like Hugo. I wish it would get a boost.

Lawson                      English                          “Son of Lawrence” Lawson is sort of a cool name. I love that you can use it as a more up to date way to honor Lawrence, and I love the nickname Law.

Lewis                          English                          “Renowned Warrior” This is a neat name and the phonetic spelling of the French Louis. It’s been #1 or 2 in Scotland since 2000 according to my sources, but parent’s in the USA are just noticing it. Lewis Carroll, of Alice in Wonderland fame, is probably the most famous bearer of the name here in the US. Louis Armstrong pronounced his name like Lewis. It’s got a great nickname, Lew.

Otis                              German                        “Wealthy” I love the O of Otis, but I think of the movie The Adventures of Milo and Otis. I think it could definitely work just like Hugo. It has the same old but still cool sound.

Sterling                      English                         “Of the highest quality” I love Sterling! I think it has a very cool sound and a great image to impart on your son. He’s of the highest quality.

Thatcher                   English                          “rood thatcher” Love it much more than Tyler or Taylor. I think Thatcher has a lovely sound and is a great name right along with Fletcher and Mason and other occupational names getting popular right now. Thatch is a cute nickname.

Victor                        Latin                              “Conqueror” Victor is one of the earliest names of Christian Popes and Saints. It became popular in the English speaking world via Queen Victoria since Victor was the only masculine form of Victoria.

Weston                      English                          “From the Western Town” Weston feels like a cowboy to me. I picture someone breaking horses in a cowboy hat. The best part about this name is the nickname West.


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