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{February 26, 2012}   Colorado County Names


Name                        Origin                          Meaning

Crowley                     English                          “Fiddler” this county was named in honor of Colorado state senator John H. Crowley. I actually sort of like this surname. However, I think of the Ozzy Osbourne song “Mr. Crowley” but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Lee is a grounded nick name too.

Douglas                      Scottish                        “Black water” The surname of a powerful Scottish clan but also a little dated. This county was was named for Illinois senator Stephen Arnold Douglas. Even though this name is dated, as the only ones I know are over 40, maybe it’ll start making a comeback. It’s sitting in the 400s now, so there does seem to be a chance.

Logan                         Scottish                         “Small Hollow” Logan is a Scottish surname that originated from a place of the same name in Ayrshire. It’s got a nice sound to it, but is pretty popular at #17 on the list right now. Wolverine, known as Logan, from the X-men comics and movies, gave the name a big boost too.


Name                        Origin                          Meaning

Cheyenne                  Sioux                             “People of a different language” This County was named for the Cheyenne Nation of Native Americans. The name of a courageous tribe, Cheyenne was fairly popular in the 90s. Shy is a cute nickname for this one.

Dolores                      Spanish                         “Lady of Sorrows” Though it’s related to the Virgin Mary, this name was once considered very much a symbol of exotic sensuality. Now, I just think of a grandmother. I don’t know though, Dolly is a cute nickname. It could come back someday.

Kiowa                         Native American      This county was named the for Kiowa Nation of Native Americans. This could make a very pretty girls name. It sounds a little like Kiona, which is a legitimate name, and that might help you if you choose it. Kia (though it’s a car) is an very cute nickname.


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