Dantea's Baby Names

{February 25, 2012}   California City Names — Girls

Name                        Origin                        Meaning

Arcadia                      Greek                           “region offering peace and contentment” Arcadia, a name for an unspoiled paradise, makes an attractive alternative to the modern Nevaeh. I love the sound and history of Arcadia. It has a nice nickname of Cady which is so close to Catey that people won’t even blink. It can also have Ari, Aria, or Dia.

Benicia                       Spanish                       “Blessed One” The BEN sound at the beginning might throw you off as its pretty popular in boys names (such as Benjamin), but I like it. Beni/Benny is very cute for a little girl and there’s also Cia or Bia.

Blythe                         English                       “free spirit, happy, carefree” Blythe has an interesting sound, but it’s not really my style. I think it could work on the right girl though.

Ceres                           Roman                        Ceres is the Roman Goddess of the Harvest, the counterpart to Demeter. Most people will say this SEER-ees, some will say CEER-ees. I think it’s pretty and I love mythology, but be prepared for some pronunciation issues.

Cypress                      Nature                       Lovely name. Tree names seem to be getting popular now. Juniper, Willow,and now Cypress. It’s really not any more out there than Willow or Juniper, so go for it! I love Cy as a nickname.

Madera                       Spanish                      “Sweet Wine” I think Madera is a sort of cool name. It’s got a good sound and the ever popular nickname Maddy applies.

Marina                        Latin                           “From the Sea” Marina is very pretty, not my style, but still pretty. Mari is a cute nickname and so is Rina. I think Marina would make a lovely name, especially for parent’s who love the sea.

(Santa) Clarita         Latin                           “bright, famous” Love Claire and Clara and now here’s Clarita. I think I might like this one the most at the moment. Rita is a cute nickname. It’s so old sounding that it’s spunky. And, Claire and Clara are still there as nicknames.

Solana                         Spanish                     “Sunshine” Very pretty and warm. It’s got long, flowing vowel sounds and the pretty nickname of Lana.


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