Dantea's Baby Names

{February 25, 2012}   California City Names — Boys

Names                     Origin                           Meaning

Arvin                         German                          “Friend of the people” Nice meaning but the name sounds like the nerdy Marvin. However, Artie and Vin and Vinnie are cute nicknames!

Bishop                       Occupational               I feel like it’s almost like naming a kid Priest, but I like it anyway. It’s a little less pretentious than Priest, in my opinion. Bishop makes me think of the Android from the Aliens movie. He was a hero. Of course, not everyone has seen those movies. Hoppie could be a cool nickname though!

Carson                       Irish/Scottish             “son of the marsh dwellers” Carson sounds a little like a businessman. It’s been in the Top 100 for a long time now but it’s at it’s highest at #80 right now. I think Carson is nice.

Colton                       English                            “From the coal/dark town” Colton is a great name. I don’t generally go for the cowboyish names but this one has always been a favorite. It makes me think of a tall riding cowboy with stubble on his cheeks. Colt as a nickname just makes it better.

Davis                         Hebrew                           “beloved” Davis is a really nice twist on the traditional David. I actually like the surname better, and I usually don’t. Davis feels a little more edgy than David, but you still get the old nickname Dave.

Hawthorne            English                            “lives where Hawthorne hedges grow” The great American novelist sets this above many other surnames. It’s still a pretty bold choice, but it’s far from the worst name I’ve ever seen. Thorne is an awesome nickname.

Lafayette                 French                            “Faith” I love Lafayette! French general Marquis de Lafayette, who fought in the American Revolution, makes a great namesake. It’s a little feminine sounding, but I think it’s very sophisticated.

Ross                           Scottish                          “upland” It’s getting close to the 1000 mark, but I still think Ross is mature but still fun. Of course, people my generation will think of the show Friends and the paleontologist Ross Geller. He was the nerdy one who couldn’t manage to keep a girl. Despite that, Ross has a fun sound and is good for a nerd or a jock but mature enough to grow into as a business man or pro football player. Whatever he wants.

(San) Gabriel          Hebrew                          “God is my strength” Gabriel, the name of the archangel who heralded the news of Jesus’ birth, appears in Christian, Jewish, and Muslim texts. He’s the angel of mercy, life, joy, judgment, truth, and dreams, who presides over Paradise and it’s quickly becoming a biblical favorite. In addition to all his other responsibilities, Gabriel is the patron saint of broadcasters and diplomats, and governs Mondays and the month of January. Gabriel is even starting to get more popular than Michael, who has been the long reigning archangel. I like it and Gabe is such a friendly nickname.

(San) Rafael            Spanish Variation      “God has healed” Rafael is one of those stereotypical sexy Spanish names, and the stereotype fits. It does have a sexy sound to it. Raphael is the original Hebrew spelling. Raphael is another archangel who appears in Jewish and Christian traditions. He does all manners of healing.

Tiburon                    Spanish                           “Shark” I really think Tiburon has a cool sound to it. It had the same beginning sound as Tibault and the same ending as Auboron, which are both Shakespearean and cool names. Tibs or Burr are cute nicknames but Ron balances it out.


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