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{February 18, 2012}   Arkansas City Names — Boys


Names                      Origin                        Meaning

Alexander                 Greek                           “Defending Warrior” Alexander is a strong and extremely popular name with tons of nicknames possibilities and variations. Alexander the Great (or Alexander III) conquered a good chunk of Asia, and is perhaps the most well known of the Alexanders. There are a ton of other great Alexanders though including Alexander Hamilton, Alexander Graham Bell, and Alexander Fleming. Variations Include: Al, Alec, Alecsander, Alex, Alexandar, Alexsander, Alexsandor, Alexxander, Alexzander, Alix, Alixander, Lex, Xan, Xander, Zan, Zander

Blaine                          Irish                             “Slender” Attractive surname name of a seventh-century Scottish saint, but it does sound a tad soap operaish. I still find it strong and underused though. Variations Include: Blain, Blane, Blayne

Bruno                          German                       “Brown” Bruno is not very popular here in America at all, sitting in the mid 700s, despite the fact that there are several Bruno’s in the spotlight, including Bruno Mars, the popular singer. St. Bruno of Cologne was a nobleman who founded the Cartusian order of monks in 1084.

Carlisle                       English                         “From the walled city’ This is definitely a stuffy name. I think it has a nice sound, but it’s not even on the top 1000. However, it might gain some unexpected popularity because of the character in Twilight, Carlisle Cullen. Variations include: Carlyle.

Chester                       Latin                             “Fortress, Walled Town” Chester is a nice enough name. it has sort of a weird, cuddly feel to it. It does have a lot of namesakes though including Admiral Chester Nimitz (a WW2 hero), Chester Gould (creator of Dick Tracy), and Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park. It has the cool nickname Chess too!

Colt                              Word                             Colt is a sort of unconventionally masculine name because of it’s association with horses and guns. Samuel Colt was the inventor and industrialist credited with popularizing the revolver.  Colt is also a fairly popular nickname for Colton.

Dalton                         English                         “The Settlement in the Valley’ Dalton gives me kind of a western vibe. I think it’s a nice name, and it’s only in the mid 200s so it’s not too popular. Plus, it sounds just like a bunch of other names like Colton, Holden, and others like that. Variations include: Dallton, Daltan, Dalten, Daltun

Gilbert                        German                        “Shining Pledge” Cool meaning, nerdy name. When I hear Gilbert, the first thing I think of is “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” However, like Alfred, Albert, Walter, and Frank, this name may be ready to try and make a comeback. It was actually a pretty common name in the middle ages in England and the name of a 12th century English saint.

Grady                          Irish                              “Noble” Grady, along with Brady, is another Irish surname that is starting to get some attention. O’Grady is almost the stereotypical Irish surname. The most well known of the O’Grady’s was Muhammed Ali, born  Cassius O’Grady Clay, whose ancestor married an African-American woman who was so proud of her O’Grady name she passed it on to her children.

Griffith                        Welsh                            “Strong fighter” It’s a cool, classic Welsh name that comes off a little softer than Griffin but has the TH sound at the end that might make it a little harder for some people to say. I love it though.


Harrison                    English                          “Son of Harry” It’s another surname name made popular by Harrison Ford. It’s perfect for parent’s looking for an H name that’s not the tired Harry or Hank, but isn’t too much like Huntington. It also has the cute nn of Harris.

Harvey                       French                          “Battle Worthy’ Love the meaning but the name is a little immature to me.  Makes me think of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the bumbling boy she has a crush on. Actually though, this name is getting fairly popular in England. It’s in the top 50 over there. It also has some worthy namesakes too. There’s the blind 6th century saint who was said to be a monk and minstrel able to talk to animals. There was the industrialist Harvey Firestone. There’s a lot of history here. Maybe I’m wrong?

Hector                        Greek                             “holding fast'” Hector is a very nice name. It’s the name of the hero of the Trojan War and the name of the knight who raised King Arthur as his own. It’s sitting at 226, so it is starting to get some recognition.

Jasper                         Persian                         “One who brings treasure” This is also a gemstone and a pinkish orange color. Jasper is getting very popular right now, due to it’s connection with Twilight. It is a type of quartz and one of the few gem names for boys. Variations include: Casper, Gasper, Jas, Jaspar, Jaz, Jazper, Jespar, Jesper

Jerome                       Greek                            “Sacred Name” Jerome is a name connected with a brilliant scholar of a saint. St. Jerome is the patron saint of students, librarians and archeologists. Jerome is the birth name is Jerry Seinfeld and J.D. Salinger. Variations Include: Gerrie, Gerry, Hierome, Hieronun, Jairo, Jairome, Jere, Jerom, Jeromo, Jeromy, Jeron, Jerrome, Jerromy, Jerron, Jerrone, Jerry

Jordan                        Hebrew                        “Flowing Down” Jordan became a popular unisex name in the heyday of Michael Jordan, and now it’s 46 for boys and 150 for girls. Obviously, more boys wear the name now. First used by Crusaders recently returned from the river Jordan, it’s always been used for both genders and especially for children baptized in the River Jordan.


Keo                               Hebrew                        “He will Enlarge” This meaning might not be right, but in all my searching, this is what I found. I think it’s a cool name. Sounds a bit like Neo, as in The Matrix, but that movie hasn’t been popular in a while now and I don’t think people of the kids generation will get the reference.

Lewis                           English                         “Renowned Warrior” This is a neat name and the phonetic spelling of the French Louis. It’s been #1 or 2 in Scotland since 2000 according to my sources, but parent’s in the USA are just noticing it. Lewis Carroll, of Alice in Wonderland fame, is probably the most famous bearer of the name here in the US. Louis Armstrong pronounced his name like Lewis. It’s got a great nickname, Lew.


Norman                      English                         “Norseman” Norman is nice enough, but it just sounds like Normal to me so I see a normal guy, nothing too special. but the meaning, Norseman, makes me think of vikings. It’s a weird, conflicting image. Despite that, Norman actually has several interesting namesakes from artist Norman Rockwell, to feisty novelist Norman Mailer and the creepy mama’s boy Norman Bates.

Oden                            Norwegian                  “Inspiration” Now I live in Arkansas and I was pleasantly surprised to find an Oden, Arkansas. Now, it’s not spelled right but all my sources say it’s a variation on Odin, and Odin was ruler of the Norse Gods. His name is associated with a norse world meaning “excitation” but could also mean “mind or Poetry” He is associated with war, battle, victory, death, wisdom, magic, poetry, and prophecy.

Perry                           English                         “Dweller near a pear tree” Perry is a nice enough name. It’s easy and has a nice sound, but it’s also dated. I prefer it as a nickname for the more adventurous name Peregrine.

Roland                        German                        “Famous throughout the land” This sounds like a name from the old days of England. it sounds chivalrous and sort of knightly. I love this name. Rollo is a super cute nickname.

Sage                             Latin                              “Wise and Knowing” Fits many criteria sought by modern parents: it’s short and strong, with intimations of wisdom as well as fragrant herbal properties. It’s only in the 800s so it’s not popular, but be aware that I’ve been hearing it thrown around as a girls name.

Salem                          Place name                 Personally, I love Salem. I think it’s handsome and strong, but it might not be too wearable as a first name. Lots of people will think of Salem the cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch or the Salem Witch Trails, probably the latter the most. Kids won’t, but when they get to high school and learn about them, they will. Sadly, this is better in the middle.

Truman                      English                         “Loyal one” This name has a lot going for it. It’s a presidential name and also associated with a great writer, Truman Capote. Without even knowing the meaning it feels like a name for someone you can trust. Maybe it’s that word True right there at the beginning. Speaking of, Tru is a great nickname.

Warren                       French                         “Park Keeper” This was on my own list at one time. Just like Truman, it’s also a presidential name. It sounds strong and handsome, old fashioned but not too old fashioned. I think Warren is ready for a come back.

Watson                       English                         “Son of Wat” I love Sherlocke Holmes, and that’s what I think of first when I hear this name. That’s not so bad though. Watson keeps Sherlocke grounded. It sounds British and sort of rich, but not stuck up.

Wilson                        English                         “Son of Will” Again, a presidential name and a nice way to get to Will. I don’t think it will get past William, but it certainly could gain in popularity with William.


Perry is a cute name – there’s a dancing group called Diversity here in the UK of which one of the younger members is called Perri Luc Kiely. I had a friend recently comment that he’s the modern-day Terry, which is certainly a nice way of looking at him.

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