Dantea's Baby Names

{February 7, 2012}   Arizona City Names — Boys

Name                         Origin                        Meaning

Benson                        English                        “Son of Ben” This name is definitely not very popular as it’s sitting in the 800s. I think it’s cute and a good way to get to Ben if you don’t like Benjamin. It conjures up a different image  to me, more of the sporty, preppy type. Variations Include: Bensen, Benssen, Bensson

Chandler                    French                         “Candle Maker” Chandler got popular with Friend’s on air, but since Friends has faded away into reruns, Chandler hasn’t seen too much attention. It’s getting close to the 500s so it’s safely off the map, and I like that. I think Chandler sounds sporty and fun, but I can also picture a dark haired, mischievous boy.

Duncan                       Scottish                       “Dark Warrior” Duncan is not very popular, it’s sitting in the 700s, despite it’s literary history. Duncan is charming and has a nice sound. It’s a Scottish royal name that’s neither too popular or too strange. This was the name of a Scottish saint and two early Kings of the Scots. Duncan 1 was who Shakespeare used in his play Macbeth. Major Duncan is one of the main characters in The Last of the Mohicans. There’s Duncan Idaho from the Dune novels. Duncan MacLeod was the immortal protagonist in the Highlander. Variations Include: Dun, Dunc, Dune, Dunkan, Dunn

Hayden                       English                        “Heather Grown Hill” Though Hayden is one of the better of the bunch, it gets lost in the crowd of Jaidens, Bradens, Aidans, and endless variations, and is being used increasingly for girls. I find it way too popular right now (There are 3 babies with this name in my daycare), but other people might be okay with that. Variations Include: Hadan, Haden, Hadin, Hadon, Hadun, Hadyn, Haidan, Haiden, Haidin, Haidon, Haidun, Haidyn, Haydan, Haydin, Haydn, Haydon, Haydun, Haydyn

Jerome                       Greek                           “Sacred Name” Jerome is a name connected with a brilliant scholar of a saint. St. Jerome is the patron saint of students, librarians and archeologists. Jerome is the birth name is Jerry Seinfeld and J.D. Salinger. Variations Include: Gerrie, Gerry, Hierome, Hieronun, Jairo, Jairome, Jere, Jerom, Jeromo, Jeromy, Jeron, Jerrome, Jerromy, Jerron, Jerrone, Jerry

Parker                         English                        “Park keeper” I’ve known a Parker and he was the preppy type. Parker is one of the more popular occupational names, but you should be careful, it’s becoming unisex now (for some reason).

Phoenix                      Greek                           “dark red” Phoenix is very cool! It’s a place name, but it’s also a mythological name. Since the mythic bird rose from the ashes of death into life again, it’s a symbol of immortality. It’s also the surname of the brother Joaquin and River. It has the very cool nickname Nix.

Prescott                      English                        “Priest’s Cottage” The scott part makes it more approachable than other upper-crusty surname names. Scott makes a good, accessible nickname. The name in general has a sophisticated but pretentious sound to it, but it could definitely work. Variations Include: Prescot, Prestcot, Prestcott

Thatcher                     English                        “Roof thatcher”Friendly and interesting. I like Fletcher and this seems like and upbeat new version. Thatch seems like a cool nickname too.

Winslow                      English                        “Friends hill” Winslow is like Prescott, interesting with a cool nickname, Win, but a little pretentious sounding.


My favourite on this list is likely to be Winslow – I’ve seen people suggest it as a female name, but I personally prefer it for males.

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