Dantea's Baby Names

{February 4, 2012}   Alaska Cities — Boys

Name                       Origin                         Meaning

Anderson                Scandinavian             “Son of Anders” For reasons unknown to me, Anderson has been getting more and more popular. Maybe it’s because the the news anchor Anderson Cooper? In any case, Anderson has a bunch of literary namesake including the famous Hans Christian Anderson. It has a nice sound and the nickname Anders, which is kind of cute.

Chase                        French                          “To hunt” Chase has a nice sound to it, and a good modern feel. It’s been seen on several TV shows here lately, including 24. It’s also megapopular in some areas of Canada and there are a disproportionate number of football players name Chase. Variations Include: Chace, Chasen, Chason, Chayce, Chayse, Chaysn

Craig                         Scottish                        “From the rocks” Craig is a strong, single syllable baby boomer name that’s still very popular in Scotland. It isn’t very well liked here in America though, but it could make a comeback with several of the other names from that era. Variations Include” Kraig

Douglas                    Scottish                        “Black water” The surname of a powerful Scottish Clan. This name seems very dated, as the only ones I know are over 40, but maybe it’ll start making a comeback. It’s sitting in the 400s now, so there does seem to be a chance.

Fox                            Animal                         Fox is one of the better animal names, in my opinion. It was made popular a while ago because of Fox Mulder on X-Files. It’s simple, sleek, and wild, conveying an air of mischievousness. I love it!

Fritz                          German                        “Peaceful Ruler” Fritz is interesting. It has a fun sound and a lot of namesakes. There’s German film director Fritz Lang and early footballer Fritz Pollard who was the first African-American to play in the Rose Bowl. Fritz was also the name of one of the children in the Nutcracker and in Swiss Family Robinson.

Grayling                  English                         “Gray-haired, pleasant” Grayling has a lot going for it. It has the color connection, and the cute -ing ending and a nickname of Gray. It might be a little to cute as a first name but why not? Grayson for a boy and Ashling for a girl are both catching on, so why not mix them together and have a Grayling?

Homer                     Greek                            “Security, Pledge” Homer has gone from being the name of a wonderful ancient Greek scribe to the name of Bart Simpson’s idiotic dad. It’s also been the pick of such celebrities as Richard Gere, Bill Murray, Anne Heche, and Matt Groening, Simpson’s creator, whose father and sons name is Homer. Because of the epic scope of The Odyssey and The Iliad, the term ‘homeric’implies work on an enormous scale, while ‘homeric laughter’ references the unrestrained laughter of the Greek gods. With all this going for it, Homer might just make a comeback.

Kenai                        Irish                              Pronounce KEY-neye  I think this name has a very cool sound to it. I was in choir in high school with a guy named Kenai, so I know it works in real life. If you want a more grounded nickname, you can use Ken or Kenny.

Marshall                  French                         “one who looks after horses” Marshall is actually a nice name. I like the nickname Marsh. It’s the real name of rapper Eminem and then there’s Marshall from “How I Met Your Mother.” It’s in the 300s so people like it, but it’s not too popular. Variations Include: Marchall, Marischal, Marischall, Marsh, Marshal, Marshell

Nikolai                     Russian                        “People of victory” Nicholas is a strong, classic boy names and Nikolai, the Russian form of Nicholas, is hot. It gives the ready nickname Niko and has a great exotic sound.

Paxson                     Latin                             Paxson is a variation of Paxton and Paxton means “Peace town” so I would assume Paxson means “son of peace” or some such. I love Pax and it’s forms. It’s a very sophisticated name and I love that it means Peace.

Sterling                    English                         “Of the highest quality” This is a very cool name to me. I even had it on my own short list for a time. I think it would make a better middle name, but it is a great name with some sterling qualities. Variations Include: Stirling

Thorne                     English                         “Thorn Thicket” If girls can be named Briar why can’t a boy be named Thorne? It sounds a little soap opera ish, but then, so does Briar. I think it would make a very cool middle name.



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