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{January 21, 2012}   Fruit Names — Girl

Name                           Origin                           Meaning

Anona                           Spanish                          Anona is the Spanish name for a Sugar Apple. They look just like Custard apples, but they come in pretty purple. In the 19th century and earlier, fashionable ladies used to stain their teeth in black. The white teethed ladies were ordinary and not so fashionable. So, “Teeth as sugarapple seeds” used to praise a pretty woman who had nice teeth. It has a pleasing sound and the cute nicknames of Nona and Annie.

Sugar Apple

Arancia                        Italian                            Arancia is an Italian word for Orange. Oranges belong to the Citrus family. Probably oranges were created long ago as a hybrid between two other members of the Citrus family: pomelo and tangerine. It has the nickname possibilities of Rance and Cia.


Belle                              English                           Belle of the Night is another name for the Dragonfruit. Dragon fruit (or pitaya) is the fruit of a cactus which blooms at night. Belle is generally a nickname for other names like Annabelle or Isabelle so you’re going to be the only one that gets this connection.


Cainetta                       Italian                            Cainetta is the Italian name for a Star Apple. Star apple is a rather unknown, but beautiful tree with leaves that are golden brown on the underside, which is why it is also called Golden leaf tree. The apple itself is multicolored and the inside is pinkish purple, so I think of this as a name for a girl whose got layers of personality. I love the sound and the nickname Netta, Nettie, Ettie, or Etta

Star Apple

Catala                           Italian                            Catala is an Italian name for the Jackfruit. Jackfruit is one of the biggest and most impressive fruits grown in most tropical countries. Jackfruit is the national fruit of Bangladesh. Tala is a very neat nickname and the whole name seems very exotic but with a lovely sound.


Cereza                          Spanish                          Cereza is the Spanish name for Cherry. Cherries fruits are drupes (stone fruits), best known for their bright red color. Most cherries are sweet, but some varieties have a very sour taste. Cherry trees are closely related to almonds, peaches, plums, apricots, which all belong to the same genus.  Nice and exotic with the cute nicknames Rezzie or Reza.


Clementine                English                           Clementine is a fairly popular name right now. Clementine is a type of Tangerine. Tangerine is a variety of the Mandarin orange. It is a member of the citrus family and produces rather small and sweet fruits that are easy to peel. I don’t like this name much, as it seems very old and all I can hear is “Oh my darlin oh my darling, oh my darlin Clementine!” But I can see the appeal.

Eugenia                       Scientific                        Eugenia jambos is a scientific name for the Rose Apple. Rose apples got their name because these crispy fruits smell and taste like rose water. For those who like Eugene, this could be a good choice. It feels brainy to me. Jean, Jeanie are good nicknames.

Rose Apple

Feronia                       Scientific                        Feronia pellucida is a scientific name for the Bael. Bael fruit is also called wood apple, which is no surprise if you try to break its hard woody surface. Hard on the outside, sweet on the inside, this name has a soft sound with the cute nicknames of Fera, Nia, Roni

Bael/Wood Apple

Fresa                            Spanish                           Fresa is a Spanish name for Strawberry. When farmers grow strawberries they will often cover the soil with straw to protect the fruits from rot. Maybe this is how the strawberry got its name. Fresa is a pretty name, sounds a bit like the growing in popularity Freya, but it reminds me of Frieza from DBZ, which airs on Saturday morning cartoons right now.


Marian                         English                           Marian Plum is another name for the Maprang. It’s basically a small mango with a slightly different taste. Marian is a name unto itself so you’re going to be the only one that gets the connection. Mari is pretty nickname though.


Melia                            Scientific                       Melia koetjape is a scientific name for the Santol. Santol is also knows as katon or wild mangosteen or sandorica. It’s a tropical tree that originates in southeast Asia. It has a pleasing sound, but also sound a little like a sickness. Mel or Lia are good nicknames.


Oliva                             Italian                            This is an Italian name for Olive. An olive branch symbolizes peace or goodwill. When Noah, after the great flooding of the earth, released a white dove, it came back with an olive leaf, showing that the waters were receding. Winners of Olympic games used to be honored with a crown of olive leaves.  It’s got all the appeal of Olivia without the popularity.


Reina                            Spanish                          Reina de la noche is a Spanish name for the Dragonfruit. Dragon fruit (or pitaya) is the fruit of a cactus which blooms at night. Very pretty, but only you’ll know the reference.


Rosa/Roselle/Rosella    Spanish                 Rosa de Jamaica and Rosella are another name for the Roselle. While the roselle plant produces fruits, it is usually not these fruits but the flowers that are used to make a very tasty and bright red juice. Of course, Rosa and the others sound like regular names so you’ll be the only one to know the connection. Rose is the obvious nickname, along with Ella or Ellie.

Roselle fruit and flower

Susina                          Italian                             This is an Italian name for the Plum. Plums are temperate fruits which when mature are often covered by a wax coating called “wax bloom”. This gives them a bluish-grey appearance. Susina is very pretty with the cute nickname Susi/Suzi


Uva                               Spanish                           This is a Spanish word for Grape. Grapes are among the most popular fruits in the world. They are eaten as fresh fruits, but are even better appreciated when fermented into white or red wine. It sounds like the already established name Una, so this could definitely work.


Videira                        Spanish                           This is also a Spanish word for Grape. This has more of an exotic feel that Uva does, but still seems plausible as a name. Deira or Viddy are cute nicknames.



I love the name Nona, and Anona certainly tickles me somewhat.

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