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{January 20, 2012}   Fruit Names — Boys

Name                           Origin                          Meaning

Albero                           Italian                           Albero del Pane is the Italian name for Breadfruit. The breadfruit is used as a staple food in Polynesia but can be found in most tropical areas. They’re a fuzzy looking, green fruit and parents could think of it as a new way to get to Al.


Amareno                      Italian                           This is the Italian name for the Sour Cherry. As you can expect from the name, sour cherries have fruits that are quite acidic. Sour cherries come in two varieties: the morello cherry (dark red color) and the amarelle cherry (lighter red color). It sounds a little feminine but has the neat nickname of Reno.

Sour Cherries

Arancio                        Italian                           This is the Italian name for Orange. Oranges belong to the Citrus family. Probably oranges were created long ago as a hybrid between two other members of the Citrus family: pomelo and tangerine. It has a neat nickname of Rance or Cio and an appealing sound.


Braam                           Dutch                             This is the Dutch word for Blackberry. The fruit of the blackberry (or bramble) is actually not a true berry but an aggregate fruit, composed of many small drupelets (small fruits). Blackberries are often growing wild in forest areas in temperate areas. It’s just like Bram, except with an extra A.


Bullock                         English                          Bullock’s Heart is an English name for a Custard Apple. You would expect custard apple to taste rather like custard, but in my opinion it doesn’t. The name custard apple is sometimes used for Sugar Apple, but that’s a different fruit. Bullock sounds stubborn to me, what with the Bull in there, but it could work.

Custard Apple

Cerezo                          Spanish                         Cerezo is the Spanish name for Cherry. Cherries fruits are drupes (stone fruits), best known for their bright red color. Most cherries are sweet, but some varieties have a very sour taste. Cherry trees are closely related to almonds, peaches, plums, apricots, which all belong to the same genus. Cerezo is very exotic, but you could call him Rez.


Durian                          English                          The ripe durian is best known for its terrible smell of over-ripe cheese, rotten onions, turpentine and drains. Hotels in Thailand often display signboards that Durians are not allowed inside the building. Despite this, it is highly appreciated by many for its special sweet and aromatic taste. Durian is also known as the “king of fruits”.  I like to think of this fruit as the perfect thing for a boy whose rough and abrasive on the outside, but sweet and lovable on the inside.


Echter                          German                         Echter Ölbaum is the German name for Olive. An olive branch symbolizes peace or goodwill. When Noah, after the great flooding of the earth, released a white dove, it came back with an olive leaf, showing that the waters were receding. Winners of Olympic games used to be honored with a crown of olive leaves. It’s got to have that back of the throat CH sound, but I think it sounds really cool.


Fraisier                        French                          This is a French name for Strawberry. When farmers grow strawberries they will often cover the soil with straw to protect the fruits from rot. Maybe this is how the strawberry got its name. It’s remarkably close to Frazier or Frasier, so I think it sounds intelligent.


Jack                               English                         Jackfruit is one of the biggest and most impressive fruits grown in most tropical countries. It’s a strong, classic name that only you’ll get the connection to.


Mafai                             English                         A less known tropical fruit is the Mafai or Burmese grape. It has an interesting sound and a very exotic feel, so maybe not for parent’s in the US.

Mafai or Burmese Grapes

Olivier                          French                          Olivier is the French form of Oliver and Olivier européen is the French for Olive. An olive branch symbolizes peace or goodwill. When Noah, after the great flooding of the earth, released a white dove, it came back with an olive leaf, showing that the waters were receding. Winners of Olympic games used to be honored with a crown of olive leaves. This is just Oliver with an accent, and I love it. Nicknames are Ollie


Pero                              Italian                           Pero is an Italian word for Pear. The pear is a close relative of the apple. While most pears have a pear-shape, there are also pears that resemble apples, so it not always easy to distinguish the fruits. A major difference between apples and pears is that the latter have beneath the peal or in the tissue of the fruit clusters of lignified cells (cells with hardened walls) which is knows as the “grit”. This is the small rough granules or particles that you taste when eating a pear. It sounds like the Spanish word for Dog to me, so maybe a middle name?


Perzik                           Dutch                            Perzik is the Dutch word for Peach. Peaches are known for their soft velvety skin and their sweet aromatic and juicy flesh. Nectarines are a type of peach, but with a smooth skin. Some people think that nectarines are a cross between peach and plum, but this is not true. Peach is a cute name but Perzik sounds mischievous and a little dangerous for some reason. It makes me think spy. Zik or Perz or even Perzi are all cool nicknames.


Phoenix                       Scientific                     Phoenix dactylifera is the Scientific name for a Date. The date palm is a palm tree that produces very sweet fruits. It grows well in hot climates, often in an oasis in desert areas.  This seems like a good name for a tough kid. There’s also the mythology of the Phoenix, rising from the ashes to be born again. This is one only you’ll understand.


Shaddock                    English                         This is the English name for a Pomelo. The pomelo fruit is the largest of all citrus fruits with a very thick rind and filled with a sweetish yellow or pink flesh. Shaddock has a really cool sound and makes me think of a detective (probably cause it sounds a little like Sherlock). Shadd and Dock are neat nicknames.


Ziziphus                       Scientific                     Ziziphus zizyphus is the Scientific name for the Jujube. Jujube is a tropical fruit resembling and tasting rather like small apples. It’s got a cool sound but is pretty out there. I would reserve this one for the middle.




As a rule I love names with a zippy z, so I especially love the name Ziziphus with his two zs. Very snazzy.

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