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{January 12, 2012}   Color Names- Girls

Name                           Origin                          Meaning

Amaranth                    Color                              A pretty pinkish color, this name has a decidedly Spanish feel to it. Exotic and very close to the Greek Amarantha, one of these could be the new Samantha.

Amber                           Color/Word                A yellow color and also fossilized tree resin, this name has been a not so popular for a while, but it’s getting there again. It’s sitting in the mid-200’s of the SSA list and I think it’s time for a comeback! Variations include: Aamber, Ahmber, Ambar, Amberia, Amberise, Amberly, Ambria, Ambur, Ambyr, Ambyre, Ammber, Ember

Amethyst                     Color/Gem                   Amethyst is the purple birthstone of February. It’s never been popular, but with names like Violet and Ruby getting popular, maybe Amethyst could be the choice of some adventurous parents.

Carmine                        Color                              A very pretty rosy pink, this name has a decidedly Latin feel to it. Has a nickname potential of Cara, Carry, Mimi.

Carnelian                     Color                             A dark rusty red, this name has the same possibility as Cerulean or Vermilion  but be aware that there is a “Carny” sound to the beginning. has the nickname potential of Cara, Nene, Nell, Lian, Lee, Anne, Annie.

Celeste                          Latin                              Latin for “Heavenly” but also a shade of light blue. It’s a very soft, feminine name. It is definitely one that only you would get the color reference. Variations include: Cela, Cele, Celeeste, Celense, Celes, Celesia, Celesley, Celest, Celesta, Celestena, Celestene, Celestia, Celestial, Celestijna, Celestin, Celestine, Celestyn, Celestyna, Celestyne, Celia, Celie, Celina, Celinda, Celine, Celinka, Celka, Cellest, Celleste, Celueste, Celyna, Saleste, Salestia, Seleste, Selestia, Selestina, Selestine, Selestyna, Selestyne, Silesta, Silestena, Silestia, Silestijna, Silestina, Silestyna, Silestyne, Tina, Tinka

Citrine                           Color                              A bright lemony yellow color, this has the feel of citrus and that feels like sunny summer days to me for some reason. Very cute and possibly a good idea for a unique color name.

Claret                             Color/Wine                 A rich purpley red color that vaguely sounds like  Claire. Maybe it will gain popularity right along with Claire. However, the wine connection shouldn’t be ignored.

Cyan                              Color                            Cyan is a highly unusual pale blue-green color name, but sounds a bit like the female form of Simon. It has the lovely potential of Cy as a nickname.

Hazel                             Color/English           English for a Hazelnut tree, and a brownish green color, it has a little of an old lady vibe, but not in a bad way. It’s getting popular, sitting in the late 200s. Variation’s include: Hayzel, Hazell, Hazelle, Hazie, Hazyl, Hazzell

Henna                            Color                             A reddish dye used prevalently in India, this name has an old word feel that might be perfect for parent’s searching for a unique and exotic name that isn’t too crazy.

Icterine                        Color                             A pale buttery yellow, this is an interesting and strange choice. I would say only for the middle name, mostly because of the “Ick” sound at the beginning. Does has Terry as a nickname though.

Indigo                           Color                             Indigo, a deep purplish-blue dye made from plants, is getting very popular for both boys and girls. It has a definite Hippie feel to it but has the cute nickname Indie.

Iris                                  Color/Greek               “Rainbow” but also a beautiful purplish-blue. Iris used to be very popular but lost a lot of it’s appeal not long ago. Recently, it has started to make a come back. In Greek Mythology, Iris was the Goddess of the Rainbow and a messenger for Zeus and Hera. The iris was considered a symbol of power and majesty, the three petal segments representing faith, wisdom and valor. Variations include: Irida, Iridianny, Irisha, Irissa, Irys, Iryssa

Isabelline                     Color                             A greyish white color, Isabelline is a wonderful choice for parent’s looking to use the over popular Isabel but worried about how popular it is.

Jade                                Color/Gem                 As cool as the green stone said to transmit wisdom, clarity, justice, courage, and modesty, Jade has been rising in popularity until it sits comfortably on the edge of the top 100. Jade definitely doesn’t get used enough. Variations include: Jada, Jadira, Jadra, Jaida, Jayda, Jayde, Jaydra, Zhade

Kelly                               Color/Irish                “War” but also a vibrant lime green. Kelly is a bouncy name, but definitely sounds dated.

Lavender                      Color/Flower            Lavender lags far behind other sweet-smelling purple-hued Violet and Lilac, but is starting to get some attention from cutting-edge namers. It does have a history as a name, going back to the eighteenth century, when it was also used for boys.

Lilac                                Color/Flower            Lilac might be for you if you’re bored by Lily and Rose. Consider the deeper-hue Lilac as a cutting-edge but still sweet-smelling flower name.

Olivine                           Color                             Pretty pale green color. Like Isabelline, Olivine feels like a newer, fresher version of the super popular Olivia.

Robin                             Color/Bird                  Robin, as in Robin’s Egg Blue. Robin has really lost a lot of popularity with the girl’s here recently, so it might start swinging back to the boy’s, but I still think Robin sounds good on a girl. Variations include: Robbey, Robbi, Robbie, Robbin, Robby, Robbyn, Robee, Robene, Robenia, Robi, Robinet, Robinett, Robinette, Robinia, Robyn, Robyna

Rose                               Color/Flower             Rose is always popular. It’s used a lot in the middle name spot and has almost become something of a filler name. I would love to see this sweet smelling, old fashioned name in the first name spot. If Rose on it’s own isn’t for you, there are plenty of offshoots — Rosa, Rosetta, Roseanne, Rosanna, Rosemary, Rosamund, Rosalind. Nickname Rosie is sweet too.

Ruby                              Color/Gem                  Ruby, a vibrant red, is definitely on the rise. Ruby is beginning to look like a cool choice for parents. Variations include: Rubee, Rubetta, Rubette, Rubey, Rubi, Rubie, Rubina, Rubinia, Rubyna, Rubyr

Scarlet                           Color                             Still seems very Gone With the Wind to me, but a lot of parent’s are beginning to love it. It’s still sitting in the 400s so it’s not that popular yet, but don’t be fooled. Personally, I prefer the spelling Scarlett (which definitely makes it Gone With the Wind).

Terra                              Color/Latin                Latin for “Earth” and also Terra Cotta, a pinkish Orange. This spelling brings the older Tara into the modern age. I think it’s about time for Tara/Terra to make a come back. Variations include: Tera, Terah, Teralyn, Terrah, Tiera, Tierra

Vermilion                    Color                             This vivid reddish orange color name is an undiscovered possibility — kind of a female equivalent of Cerulean for boys. However, be aware that some people will think Vermin when you say it. It does have the cute nickname potential of Vera, Millie, Lion, Lili.

Violet                             Color/Flower            Violet is soft and sweet and definitely popular. It’s getting dangerously close to the top 100. Violet was last very popular about 100 years ago, but in the last decade started rising quickly. Variations include: Eolande, Iolande, Iolanthe, Jolanda, Jolande, Jolanta, Jolantha, Jolanthe, Vi, Violaine, Violanta, Violanthe, Viole, Violeine, Viollet, Violletta, Viollette, Vyolet, Vyoletta, Yolande, Yolane, Yolantha

Xanthene                      Color                             This is definitely one cool name! A yellowish chemical compound that produces fluorescent dyes ranging from bright yellow to hot pink to flaming red. I would only advice it to the confident and brave parent because it has a definite sci-fi quality.


Dearest says:

Alizarin is a lovely reddish pink colour that very few have heard of. It’s my favourite colour name 🙂
And I never understood the predominant opinion that Indigo should be a girls name. It sounds very masculine to me, with it’s heavy O ending and it’s similarity to both Inigo and Indio, and to some extent Diego. I can understand Juno, Hero, Margot, Echo and the likes, but they all have ancient history as girls names, Indigo is only now being considered, and has nothing other than what people say to push it in either direction.

Celadon is also nice, from your boys list, and I was happy to add Tyrian to my list!

I would have included some but not all of these: Crimson, Vermilion, Periwinkle, Aqua, Navy, Turqouise, Azure, Auburn, Blue, Teal, Bronze, Cardinal, Carmine, Carnelian, Copper, Coral, Cyan, Magenta, Fuchsia, Citrine, Icterine, Mauve, Ochre, Onyx, Peridot, Umber, Maroon, Russet and Tawny.

I love how you theme your posts, it’s a more favourable way for me to read about names than just digging really deep into one name or writing long lists of names without any info about them.. I often skim the ‘let’s find all we can about this name’ type of posts, and worry about which of the pretty new names on the lists are actually ‘legit’ and can be added to the list. ^^

dantea4 says:

I’m going to go edit my post to add Vermillion, Carmine, Carnelian, Cyan (don’t know why I missed this, I have a friend with this name), Citrine, and Icterine from your list. I exclude the others mostly because I personally don’t believe the others make very good names. I also agree with you about Indigo and I believe it’s considered a girls name because of the Indie nickname. I’m glad you like my format. Thanks.

Maria Adrados says:

Isabelline refers to Queen Isabel la Catolica of Spain (Catholic Queen Elizabeth I – XVth century) who swore she would not Remove her so called ‘sayo’ or shirt until she reconquered the Kingdom of Granada, the last kindom of Spain under Islamic domination. She thought it would be a matter of weeks though it turned out to be years. She nonetheless kept her word and did not remove the shirt, so the colour the originally white garment acquired was given the name Isabelino, Isabelline in English.

dantea4 says:

Wow thanks so much for that information!

jiinxsay says:

hey Dantea, i just joined WP&yours is the 1st one i followed, as i am a fellow name lover! i think Isabelline is GORGEOUS & have never heard of it! Celestia was pretty too, altho you’ll prob laugh when you hear my association! i was/am still a big fan of the show “Little House on the Prairie” and only learned in the past few yrs that Carrie’s mn was Celestia! Citrine was cool too, i adore unusual names+ the color was amazing! i liked Amberia, Amberise, as Amber is such a popular name, these more unique versions i found to be lovely & never would’ve thought of them! i have a question for you. i’m in the midst of changing my name & have a million mn’s (middlenames), hard to narrow down. i LOVE the name Amethyst, however, i really don’t like that the word “meth” is right in the middle there. i’ve tried; Amithyst, Amythyst, Amythist, Am’thyst, Amathyst-(didn’t like it-“math” in middle)
i just don’t know which of these is most pleasing to the eye. can you please give me your opinion? i would be grateful! ps i Love YOUR name, was wondering if you pn(pronounce) is Dan-tee, Dan-tee-uh, Dahn-tee or Dahn-tee-uh? thx again, luv, Jiinxsay

dantea4 says:

Thanks so much. Dantea is Dante with an A on the end so dahn-TAY-uh.
I’m glad you enjoy my post! For your middle name question: I think Amethyst is a lovely choice for a middle name. It’s a little much in the front place, but as a middle name it’s gorgeous! I never though about the ‘meth’ in the middle, and I doubt anyone else will, but if it bothers you a lot, the one most pleasing to my eye is Amithyst. It’s not much of a change and people won’t mispronounce it as amy-thist (like with Amythyst/Amythist) and they won’t say am-thist (like with Am’thyst) and besides, I dislike unnecessary apostrophes in names. Does that help? Let me know if you need anything else ^_^

jiinxsay says:

oh now i know where i found you! nameberry! i don’t kno if i asked you on there, but 2 of your children’s mn’s really caught my heart. i was wondering if you would share the pronunciation of; Makaiel & Lykaion. on name-candy they were discussing our “possessiveness” of the names we give our children, and i noticed after i read this that, as i’ve been adding names from all of you gurl’s lists, i have color-coded them “teal”, so i know i got them from gurls at WP, so as not to claim them as my own inventions.. looking very much to hearing from you 🙂 if only i had known about all the unique names i know about now beFORE i had my children. i can’t say i would change them, but it makes me want to “turn into a Duggar” & have a bunch more so i could use these names. but again, with that in mind, they would each have like 13 mn’s 😛 that’s another question i can’t seem to find an answer to! how many middlenames – mn’s are “appropriate” in the US, or even how many are LEGAL? loL, i only wonder because as i embark on my OWN name change i have many potential mn’s! i wonder how many the judge will allow me AND can only imagine the strange look he’s going to give me anyways!
luv, Jiinxsay

dantea4 says:

Yea you asked me nameberry about them but Makaiel isn’t one of mine. I think it would be pronounced muh-KY-uhl though. You asked me about Zarex and Lykaion. The LY is the name is pronounced like the first part of the word LICK. li-KEYE-on. It is the name of a mountain in Greece that has an alter to Zeus on it and is also a variation of the name Lykiaus which means “wolf”. Zarex was the name of a Greek King. I definitely don’t mind if you like them and collect them, I’m not overly possessive of names. I didn’t invent them so they’re not mine to be possessive of. As far as middle names go, I prefer one middle name, and the most I’ve really ever seen on anyone is 2 but I don’t think there’s a restriction on how many you can have here in the US. I wouldn’t go higher than 4 though. It would make forms and things like that complicated.

jiinxsay says:

loL, you’re right about the num of mn’s, altho it bums me out. what is your opinion of taking hyphenated names a step further, as i’ve seen lately, example; JeanLouise, like making it one word/name, just by keeping it in that manner with the exception of the 2nd name being capitalized. have you seen any or much of this lately??
thank you sooo much for answering my questions! your site rocks ❤

dantea4 says:

Well, I live in the southern US, so I do see hyphenated names, but definitely not as often as say 10 years ago. For my own personal preference, I like seeing the hyphen because the names are 2 seperate names and should stay seperated in my opinion, but I don’t mind seeing them together like that. JeanLouise is a nice name too. ^_^ I definitely don’t mind answering your questions. Thanks for liking my site!

jiinxsay says:

ps~ i def agree with you on the names with apostrophes. too confusing, not knowing whether to pn the first letter or fly by it :O
sorry i double asked you, i hadn’t checked in at Nameberry. just been trying to get this WP off the ground. can’t do much until i’m able to afford the “upgrade”, MUST have my own fonts, and i don’t mean typekit, altho that does hold some interest for me, but on my livejournals i use my own fonts, only i can see them, ev one else sees Century Goth. but the upgrade will allow for CSS, i’m suprised they don’t allow ANY css unless you’re upgraded. i’m soo glad i found this place. next order of business is creating a new Blogger/Blogspot! i have one, just for pretties, now i need one to follow all the great babyname sites i see on almost aLL WP gurl’s “Blog Roll” 🙂
k, sry, i tend to go onnnn. thx again for the pn’s (pronunciations)
❤ Jiinxsay

[…] – An unexpected color name suggested by Dantea, Isabelline is a pale grey-yellow shade.  It might relate to the name Isabella, or maybe to a word […]

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