Dantea's Baby Names

{January 8, 2012}   Color Names – Boy

Name                          Origin                          Meaning

Ash                                Color/English             As in “Ash Gray” but also, Ash is typically used as a nature name for the Ash tree, and your little boy will associate with Ash from Pokemon. You could also use Ash as a short form for names like Asher and Ashton.

Beau                              Color/French             French for “Handsome” and also the color “Beau Blue”.  Beau suggests someone very handsome and the name has a certain charm. There have been plenty of famous Beau’s throughout history.

Celadon                       Color                              It’s a nice, new name choice, a soft greyish green color that seems perfect for a little boy. It also has the nice nickname possibility of Don.

Cerulean                     Color                              Cerulean is just beginning to be heard as a name. Though Cerulean works as a name for both genders; the fact that it’s a majestic light blue makes it particularly appropriate for a boy.

Gray                             Color                               The problem with this name is how somber it feels. I think it would work better in the middle, or as a short form for Grayson.

Hunter                        Color/English              “one who hunts” and also Hunter Green. Hunter is just outside the top 50 and gaining in popularity as it combines a soft sound with a masculine image. Also, occupation names are all the rage.

Jasper                         Color/Gem/Persian    “One who brings treasure” this is also a gemstone and a pinkish orange color. Jasper is getting very popular right now, due to it’s connection with Twilight. It is a type of quartz and one of the few gem names for boys. Variations include: Casper, Gasper, Jas, Jaspar, Jaz, Jazper, Jespar, Jesper

Jet                                Color/word name      As in Jet Black. This is a very masculine name and would be great for a flying enthusiast. It’s sitting in the 300s in popularity right now, and I would prefer it as a short form of something else…Jethro maybe? Variations include: Jett, Jetson, Jetter, Jetty

Robin                          Color/Bird                    As in Robin Egg Blue. This name had really gone to the girls but recently hasn’t been as popular with them. That makes it seem more possible to be a boy’s name again. Robin Hood, Robin Williams, Christopher Robins, and Robin from Batman and Robin are all male after all. Variations include: Roban, Robben, Robbin, Robbins, Robbyn, Roben, Robinet, Robinn, Robins, Roibín

Silver                          Color                               It has a bit of a hippie feel to it, but no worries, other names like Jade and Ruby as getting popular, so why not Silver? Variations include: Sylver

Sterling                      Color/English              “of the highest quality” and Sterling Silver. To some, it might have a bit of a pretentious feel, but I like it. I think it has more of a cool, hipster vibe myself. Variations include: Stirling

Tyrian                        Color                                A wonderful shade of dark purple, this name has all the appeal of other exotic sounding names, fitting right in there with of Greek and Roman names like Valerian, Julian, etc.. it also has the nickname possibilities of Ty, Tyr, and Rian.

Viridian                     Color                                Unusual and beautiful blue green color and name possibility. It has that exotic, unusual feel to it, but maybe it, and Cerulean, are a little too out there.


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Sebastiane says:

I’ve always thought Tyrian would make a cool name for a boy. I love Cerulean on a girl. I actually like most of these.

I really like the name Beau, and I agree with Sebastiane: Tyrian could totally work for a boy.

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