Dantea's Baby Names

{December 1, 2011}   Celestial Names – Boys

Name                           Origin                          Meaning

Altair                             Arabic                           “Falcon” The eleventh brightest star in the sky has a celestial feel, but is also the name of a character in the Assassin’s Creed video game series. It would be nice for someone with Arabic backgrounds though.

Aries                             Latin                               “Ram” Constellation and the Greek God of Murder, War, and Bloodshed, the image this name calls up is probably not one you want for your child. Keep it in the middle spot.

Atlas                             Greek                              Atlas was the Titan who held the weight of the world on his shoulders. This used to be too heavy of a name to give to little boys, but like other God, Goddess, or Titan names, it’s becoming more of a popular choice. Anne Heche was the first to pick this name.

Castor                           Greek/Latin                 “Beaver” or “Pious one” It’s one of the twins that make up the constellation Gemini, and a mythological name on the cutting-edge of fashion; used by Metallica’s James Hetfield. Variations include: Caster, Castorio, Kastor

Draco                            Greek                              “Dragon” Strong and manly enough, but most people will associate your son with Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter. This would be better in the middle. Variations include: Drago

Jupiter                          Roman                           Jupiter, the name of the supreme Roman deity and the largest planet, probably has either too hippie or too grandiose a feel for most mortals. But with the rise of sound alike Juniper and space names such as Orion and Mars, Jupiter may find new favor. Short form Jupe is adorable. Variations include: Juppiter

Leo                                 Latin                               “Lion” Leo is a strong-yet-friendly name that was common among the Romans, used for thirteen popes, and is now on the upswing partly thanks to Leonardo “Leo” DiCaprio.  Leo has a lot of elements going for it: its leonine associations suggest strength of character and physique, its zodiac reference appeals to New Agers, and its ‘o’ ending gives it added energy.  Variations include: Lee, Leib, Leibel, Leon, Leoncio, Leond, Leontios, Lion, Liutas, Lyon, Léo

Mars                               Roman                          The name of the Roman god of war began to sound less intimidating when Erykah Badu recently gave it to her daughter. Actually could make a pleasant, planetary middle name.

Merak                            Turkish                         “curious one” is a greenish white star in the loin or flank of the Great Bear/ Ursa Major.

Mercury                       Roman                          Adventurous parents are starting to look back to names of ancient gods like Mercury, Zeus, and Apollo. This one is also a planet and a metallic element, and has a friendly nickname, Merc.

Oberon                          English                         “noble, bear-like” Shakespeare’s King of the fairys. It’s also the outermost moon from Uranus. It’s strong and masculine and could definitely make a great first name. Variations include: Auberon, Oberen, Oberron, Oeberon, Oeberron

Orion                              Greek                            Orion — the name of a mythical Greek who was turned into a heavenly constellation — has an ever-so-slight sci-fi feel, plus a Gaelic connection to O’Ryan, all of which make Orion a rising star.

Perseus                          Greek                            Perseus is a godly Greek hero (he was a son of Zeus) whose name has more muscle than Percy. It’s a pretty little constellation.

Saturn                            Roman                          The 6th planet, the one with the beautiful rings, could make a fine middle name along the same lines as Jupiter.

Sirius                              Latin                              “burning” Yes, it’s the name of the brightest star in the sky, but can’t you just hear people saying, “Are you serious?” Also, people might be reminded of Sirius Black from Harry Potter.


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