Dantea's Baby Names

{November 22, 2011}   Other Nature Names – Boys

Names                         Origin                                     Meaning

Canyon                          Word name                            Evocative of natural splendor, intriguing new word name choice.

Clay                                 Word name                            Clay is a rich, one-syllable name with a southern-inflected handsome-rogue image, featured on soap operas and reality TV. Its longer forms are Clayton and Clayborne. Here’s a smiley face made of Clay.

Cliff                                   Word Name                           Cliff, like Clay, has the option of being a solid name on its own but it is usually a short form of Clifford or Clifton.

Dale                                  English                                     “Valley” Simple and serene but has lost a lot of its punch here lately.

Flint                                 Word Name                             Flint is one of the new macho names on the rise today, part old-school tough guy, part rebel.

Glen                                  Scottish                                    “A narrow valley” Former cool-boy name now in middle-aged limbo, fresher for girls thanks to Glenn Close.

Grove                               Word name                             “grove of trees” If you find Grover to fusty or Sesame Street, this might be a good alternative.

Harbor                              Word name                            If you like word names, Harbor has an attractive sound as well as an appealing meaning and image.

Heath                                  English                                   “the heathland dweller” Strong and masculine and usually used as a short form for Heathcliff.

Moor                                  English place name            “the moors” Strong but probably better in the middle spot.

Rain                                    Word name                            More feminine nowadays nit could be short for Rainault or Raines.

Ridge                                  Word name                           Just as good as Cliff but somehow more daytime TV.

River                                   Word name                           One of the first famous nature names, via the late actor River Phoenix, and still slightly muddied by his unfortunate fate. However, this is a nice choice if you’re looking for a sensitive name.

Sky                                        Word name                          Prompts an image of wide open spaces. Could be stand alone or as a short form of Skyler.

Stone                                   Word name                           Though some may find such names rather harsh and severe, increasing numbers of parents are gravitating toward this kind of flinty, steely, stony single-syllable name.

Storm                                   Word name                         Windswept and Dramatic, still a popular choice, but better in the middle

Winter                                  Word name                         The girls have dibs on Spring, Summer, and Autumn, leaving this name evocative of snowy landscapes as the one possible seasonal choice for boys–even though it’s been used for a couple of girls.


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