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{November 19, 2011}   Plant and Flower Names – Girls

Name                            Origin                                    Meaning

Abelia                             Flower/Hebrew                   Type of Honeysuckle but also means “sigh,breath” in Hebrew. Could be a form of Abel. Has the nickname possibility of Abby or Lia.

Acacia                            Greek nature name              Acacia is a rare and attractive name for a flowering shrub that symbolizes resurrection and immortality. Nickname possibilities of Cassie.

Achillea                           Flower                                       Commonly called Yarrow. These plants show large, flat clusters of small flowersat the top of the stem. These flowers can be white, yellow, orange, pink or red. Nickname possibilities: Lea

Alcea                                Flower                                       Commonly called hollyhock. Pretty purple flowers.

Amarantha                     Greek/Botanical                  Means “Deathless” in Greek.  Botanical name whose mythical equivalent was believed to be immortal. Nicknames possiblities: Amy and Mara

Amaryllis                         Greek Flower name             Nicer than traditional flower names and in the same botanical family as Lily.  Nickname possibilities: Amy, Mary, and Lis/Liz

Anemone                         Flower name/Greek             Means “Breath” in Greek. taken from a mythological nymph who was turned into a flower by the wind; an interesting, if challenging, choice. Nickname possibilities: Annie

Anise                                  Nature name                            Pronounced ANN- iss. Name of the licorice plant whose downside, at least in elementary school science class, is its similarity to an anatomical word.  Has the nice nickname of Annie.

Artemisia                         Nature/Greek                             Variant of Artemis, “Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt” but also a genus of plants including the sagebrush and wormwood. Nickname Possibilities: Artie, Missy, Sisi

Ash                                    Nature/English                            English “Ash tree”. Usually used for boys but could be a short form of Ashley or Asha.

Aspen                               Nature                                              Nice tree name gaining in popularity

Astrantia                         Flower                                              The Genus name comes from the Greek word for star in reference to the star-like quality of the flower heads. Beautiful flowers. Nickname possibilities: Astra and Tia

Azalea                              Flower                                               If Lily and Rose are too tame for you, consider this brilliant pink springtime blossom with a touch of the exotic that has been growing in popularity. Nickname possibilities: Lea

Begonia                            Flower                                               Pretty flowers but maybe not so pretty a name

Betony                              Flower                                               little plant that make pretty pink flowers. Nickname possibilities: maybe Beth

Briar                                   Nature/English                             English for “Briar patch” Reminiscent of Brair-Rose from Sleeping Beauty.

Bryony                             Latin flower name                         Pronounced Brian-ee. Means “to sprout” in Latin. Bryony is a wild climbing vine with green flowers. Sounds fresher than outdated Brittany.

Calla                                   Flower/Greek                                 Means “Beautiful” in Greek. Lots fresher than other overused flower names like Rose and Lily.

Camellia                           Flower                                                 Exotic flower name with distinct roots related to the Camille/Camilagroup. Could be a floral replacement for Amelia. Nickname Possibilities: Cami and Lia

Cassia                                 Greek                                                   Means “Cinnamon” in Greek. one of the rare names that’s truly unusual yet has a stylish feel. Nickname Possibilities: Cassie

Clary                                    Flower                                                 Type of Sage often used as a medicinal herb

Clover                                 Flower                                                 Clover is charming if you’re looking for something different than Rose and Lily.

Cypress                              Nature                                                  Lovely entry into the tree name category. Nickname Possibilities: Cy

Dahlia                                 Flower                                                  One of the rarer flower names. Lovely sound. Nickname possibilities: Dolly

Daisy                                   Flower                                                  Fresh, energetic, and wholesome.

Erica                                    Flower                                                 It’s Heather. Beautiful purple flowers.

Fern                                     Nature                                                 Never been overly popular, despite the character in Charlotte’s Web. Time for a upswing?

Flora                                    Latin                                                    Means “Flower” in Latin. Roman Goddess of Flowers and Spring. Also a Saint name.

Forsythia                          Flower                                                  Yellow spring bloom. Pretty and new name. I know a girl with this name.

Freesia                               Flower                                                  Very exotic but usable alternative to Rose and Lily.

Gardenia                           Flower                                                   More exotic than Rose and Lily but with the Gardener association too.

Gloriosa                            Flower                                                   Beautiful Lily typically called a Flame Lily. Nickname Possibilities: Glory

Hazel                                  Nature/english                                  From the Hazelnut tree. Cute and gaining in popularity

Heather                             Scottish botanical name                Pretty and evocative of the Scottish moors, but a little outdated

Holly                                  Nature                                                   Always favored for Christmas births, but not very popular any other time

Iris                                      Flower/Greek                                     Greek Goddess of the Rainbow and the iris used to be considered the symbol of power and majesty, the three petals meaning wisdom, faith, and valor.

Ivy                                    Plant/flower name                             Ivy — associated with clinging vines — also has an interesting history: ancient Greeks presented an ivy wreath to newlyweds as a symbol of fertility.

Jasmine                           Persian flower name                         Delicate and Aromatic. Reminiscent of Jasmine from Aladdin, but still very pretty. Nickname Possibilities: Jaz

Jessamine                       flower                                                     Earlier spelling for Jasmine. Pronounced JEH-sah-meen. Popular in England but just getting it well deserved uprising here. Nickname Possibilities: Jess, Jessie, Jessa

Juniper                            Tree                                                         Juniper is a fresh-feeling nature name — it’s a small evergreen shrub whose berries make gin — with lots of energy. Gaining popularity with Hazel, Aspen, and Acacia. Nickname Possibilities: Juni and June

Laurel                              Latin                                                        “Laurel tree” Very underused but the Laurel was used to crown royalty in ancient Rome and Greece.

Lavender                        English plant                                        Not as popular as Violet or Lilac, but slowly catching up.

Lilac                                  English                                                   Lilac might be for you if you’re bored by Lily and Rose. Consider the deeper-hue Lilac as a cutting-edge but still sweet-smelling flower name.

Lily                                     English Flower name                      Very popular. Symbol of purity and innocence.

Linnea                               Swedish                                                Pronounced li-NAY-ah. Scandinavian name that derives from the renowned Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus, (aka Carlvon Linne) who developed the Linnean system of clssifying plants and animals. nickname Possibilities: Lin

Lotus                                  Flower                                                  One of the most exotic and languorous of the flower names, with intriguing symbolic significance in several cultures.

Magnolia                            Flower                                                 Southern style flower name moving up in the world. Nickname possibilities: Maggie, Nola, Lia

Marigold                            Flower                                                 Marigold is sometimes found in English novels; though it would be seen as wildly exotic here, it does have a sunny, golden feel. A marigold was the symbol of the Virgin Mary. Nickname possibilities: Mari and Goldie

Myrtle                                 Greek botanical name                  In Roman myth, a shrub sacred to Venus.

Narcissa                              Greek                                                  Means “daffodil” in Greek. Associated with Narcissism but still a lovely name. Nickname Possibilities: Sissy

Orchid                                   Flower                                               Orchids are beautiful flowers and this could be a beautiful name. Nickname possibilities: maybe Kitty

Petunia                                  Flower                                              Trumpet shaped flower

Poppy                                    Flower                                              Poppy, unlike most floral names which are sweet and feminine, has a lot of spunk.

Primrose                               Flower/english                            “first rose” Used in the Hunger Games novels. Nickname possibilities: Prim, Rose, Rosie

Rose                                        Flower                                              Traditional flower name that is a bit out dated.

Rosemary                             Herb                                                  This amalgam of two classic names projects a sweet, somewhat old-fashioned sensibility; could come back as an herb name.

Rowan                                     Tree                                                  The name of a tree with red berries commonly found in Scotland (and said to ward off witches).

Rue                                            Greek                                              “Aromatic medicinal plant” Getting popular thanks to the Hunger Games.

Sorrel                                        Botanical                                     Fragrant herbal and color name that could make a sensitive, distinctive choice. Nickname Possibilities: Sori and Sora

Tansy                                         Flower/Greek                            A flower name rarer than Rose, livelier than Lily and less teasable than Pansy.

Violet                                         Flower                                         Violet is soft and sweet but not shrinking. The Victorian Violet, one of the prettiest of the color and flower names, was chosen by high-profile parents JenniferGarnerand BenAffleck. Vioolethas begun a sure-to-be rapid climb to popularity. Nickname possibilities: Vi and Lettie

Willow                                        Tree                                              The name has transcended its one-time hippie aura to move into the realm of reappraised and appreciated nature names. Among the most graceful of trees, the willow is believed by Gypsies to possess magical powers to heal the sick and rejuvenate the aged.

Zinnia                                          Latin flower name                 A floral choice with a bit more edge and energy than most.


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