Dantea's Baby Names

{November 17, 2011}   Plant and Flower Names – Boys

Names                          Origins                                   Meaning

Alder                               Tre/flowering plant            flowering plant belonging to the Birch family

Amaryllis                       Greek/Flower                       more commonly used as a girl name, but could work for boys.

Annatto                           Tree                                       Would pronounce – Ann-ah-toe.   Tree used to produce yellow-orange food coloring and a peppery, nutmeg type flavor

Ash                                   English/Tree                          Could be short for Asher or Ashton but with the nature appeal


Birch                                 Tree                                           Beautiful, white barked tree. Birch is the tree of Russia (used to be a Goddess there)

Campion                          Flower                                      little flowering plant that comes in red, white, purple, pink, and moss

Ceder                                Tree                                           A good smelling tree name getting popular nowadays

Fennel                              Herb                                           feathery leaves and yellow flowers. Possible nickname of Fen/Finn

Hickory                            Tree                                           Large deciduous trees that produce yellowish flowers and nuts. though nickname Hick is unpleasant

Jonquil                             French Flower name         More commonly used on girls but has the potential for nicknames Jon and Quil

Linden                              Tree                                          “linden tree hill”  beautiful shade tree and the name of a former president

Mandrake                        Root                                          Part of the nightshade family. Sometimes resemble humans, often used in magic for Wicca, Germanic Revivalism such as Odinism. Could have the nickname Manny or Drake (which I love)

Oak                                     Tree                                          The Oak is traditionally a symbol of Strength, Solidity, and Longevity. This is an Angel Oak.

Oleander                          Bush                                          evergreen shrub or small tree in the dogbane family. Delicate flowers

Rowan                               Tree/Scottish/Irish           “Little Red Head” pretty tree with red berries. It’s generally a unisex name

Sage                                    Herb/Latin                             “wise and knowing” It’s short and strong and conveys both wisdom and nature

Spruce                              Tree                                             Strong name that sounds like Bruce

Sorrel                                 Botanical/French                 “reddish brown” Amber colored herb

Thorn                                Tree/English                            “thorn thicket” Daring name along the same lines as Talon in my opinion

Trillium                            Flower                                         pretty little Asian and North American Flower

Valerian                            Plant/Latin                              “potent” A sedating plant and a Roman emperor. Easily falls into the Caspian, Darian, Dorian, Adrian category. I know a boy with this name. Nicknames of Val, Leri, or Rian.


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