Dantea's Baby Names

{November 16, 2011}   Bird Names – Girl

Name                                 Origin                                  Meaning

Alouette                             French                                   means Lark in French. This is also a cut children’s song.

Ani                                       bird name/Hawaiian        tropical new world birds in the cuckoo family/beautiful

Aracari                               bird name                             medium sized Toucans

Caracara                            bird name                             bird of prey. This name should be split up into simply Cara, which is Latin for dear.

Dove                                    bird name                             The Dove is associated with peace and love.

Elaenia                                bird name                             part of the flycatcher family

Ibis                                       bird name                             Associated with the Egyptian God Thoth, god of wisdom and learning.

Iora                                      bird name                             small Indian bird that likes to live near humans

Jacana                                 bird name                             tropical waders usually referred to as Jesus Bird or Lily Trotter

Lark                                      bird name                             a popular songbird name

Linnet                                  bird name                             a finch. Sounds like Lynette, so could work.

Mavis                                   French                                   song bird

Meadowlark                      bird name                             cute grassland birds

Myna                                    bird name                             member of the Starling family

Phoebe                                bird name/Greek               member of the flycatcher family/radiant shining one. Phoebe was the moon in mythology and also a Shakespearean name.

Raven                                  bird name                              considered an ill omen in several cultures

Robin                                   bird name                              Native American mythos says the Robin got it’s red breast from fanning a campfire to keep a man alive

Skylark                                bird name                               member of the lark family

Sora                                      bird name                               north American waterbird

Sparrow                              bird name                               pretty and small wild bird, getting popular

Starling                               bird name                                beautiful iridescent birds

Tesia                                    bird name                                 active birds that live near Java

Wren                                   bird name                                 small and inconspicuous birds with beautiful, complex songs


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